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Rice Cookers Buying Guide

Soggy and gloopy rice is very unappealing, but it's all too common because rice can be tricky to cook. A rice cooker takes the guesswork out of cooking this grain and gives you perfect results every time.

Simple Or Fancy?

If you're only going to use your cooker occasionally, and for the sole purpose of cooking rice, then a basic and cheaper model will give you great results. But for a few dollars more, you can invest in a cooker that will also do things like steam vegetables or make porridge. The more you pay, the more you can expect in terms of superior materials and design, which makes for a longer-lasting appliance.

Easy To Clean

Look for non-stick cooking bowls as they're far easier to clean. Any ladles or serving implements that come with a cooker should be of the non-scratch variety to protect the cooking surface, and dishwasher safe cookers make cleaning even easier. 

Keep It Warm

Rice is a staple dish when cooking for a large crowd, and a "Keep Warm" feature will help to keep rice hot for several hours while you're entertaining.

What Capacity Really Means

In most cases, a rice cooker's capacity refers to uncooked rice. Therefore, a five-cup capacity will give you 10 cups of cooked rice as it doubles in size when cooked.

Straight To The Table

A removable cord will allow you to put the rice cooker straight onto the dining room table, which will save you having to transfer the cooked rice into a serving bowl.

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