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Officially called Remington Products, this company has long held a positive reputation as a leading manufacturer and designer of shaving apparatus. In fact, anyone familiar with American television in the late 1970s and early 1980s would remember many entertaining and memorable commercials created to sell men's shavers.

However, though it once was a very successful and independent entity, in 2003 it was purchased as a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands. Today, Remington is still an award winning and leading producer of shavers and other personal electronics.

A Look Back at Remington

If you know much about American products, you may associate the name Remington with early firearms, and it was E. Remington and Sons (a leading firearms manufacturer) that would later become Remington Products.

In 1816, the firm began by selling firearms but occasionally tested the market for other necessary goods. From sewing machines to tools, it did not hit a major success until it partnered with an innovative inventor and introduced the first "QWERTY" typewriter in 1886.

This keyboard design became an industry standard that still stands today, but Remington did not hold on to the typewriter business for long. Instead, it merged with another manufacturing firm in the 1920s and began pumping out office machines and equipment. Making everything from file cabinets to adding machines, it was still a few decades away from being a major shaving appliance maker.

Yet another decision to "branch out" occurred in the 1930s, and this is when Remington made its first forays into shavers - creating the Remington Model E.

Further Mergers and Acquisitions

In the 1950s, Remington (now the Remington Rand company) purchased Eckert-Mauchly Computer Co. Five years later it merged with Sperry Corp., and they became the Sperry Rand Corp. However, the familiarity of the Remington brand of shavers obliged the new firm to continue producing the appliances under that name.

By 1979, however, the firm decided to sell off the Remington line, and it was purchased by Victor Kiam, who had been president and who also became a major fan of the Remington shavers. (He is the man who became famous for appearing in the Remington TV commercials and proclaiming that he was so impressed by a Remington shave received as a gift from his wife that he went out and bought the company).

This was the moment that the Remington brand really emerged as an industry leader. Kiam's firm specialized in many personal care machines (also buying Clairol around the same time), and the marketing firm created some of the trademark slogans that still stick with the name today.

For example, many remember that Remington is "how the world gets ready" and that it "Shaves as close as a blade, or your money back!" This reputation still remains intact today, and Remington is often viewed as a gold standard among shaver brands.

Remington Products Today

As successful as it was, Kiam decided to sell off Remington in 1994. The firm continued to change hands a few more times and was eventually sold to Spectrum Brands.

Today, Spectrum Brands has a positive reputation in the world of personal care appliances, and it packages many dependable goods with the Remington name. These include:

* Men's shavers

* Women's shavers

* Hair clippers

* Nose and ear hair trimmers

* Hair dryers

* Curling irons

* Flat irons

* Moustache trimmers

* Hair removal devices

The firm also makes parts and accessories available for all of the Remington products, as well as use and care manuals that can be downloaded online.

Innovation and Generosity

The reputation for innovation still remains strong with Remington, and the company keeps itself in the headlines. As an example, it recently received an Editor's Pick title and a Beauty's Best Buy award for one of its hair styling tools. It took the 2011 Essence Beauty Award and keeps very active in charitable work.

For example, it participates in an annual "Beard-A-Thon" event in order to generate funds for charities. Additionally, it runs a "Bear Boss" contest that asks entrants to send in photos of their unique and unusual facial hair. It also operates the Remington Red Chair Ready Community and frequently donates hair styling tools to needy teens and tweens interested in careers in this area.

Around since the early 1800s, Remington built a brand reputation that remains in place today almost two hundred years later!

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