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When you hear the term "computer peripherals" it doesn"t sound all that inspiring. Visions of printers, scanners, and other office essentials spring to mind, but what about gaming gear? This, too, is something that falls under the heading of computer peripherals and is the focus of the popular firm known as Razer.

For Gamers Designed by Gamers

The slogan for Razer is "for gamers, by gamers" and this gives a bit of insight into what a shopper can expect when exploring options for Razer products. The company was started in 1998 with the sole intention of creating a specialized mouse to be used by computer gamers.

The project was done by an entire team of engineers and professional marketers, and was known as the Boomslang. Since that time, and the success of this single device, Razer has grown into a preferred brand for those who enjoy computer gaming of all kinds.

Though the company faced many challenges in its early years due to the famous "dot com bubble" bursting around the year 2000, it re-emerged in 2005 with its world-class Diamondback mouse that was a first of its kind and functional as an "ambidextrous" mouse. It was not only a big seller for Razer, but one of the biggest selling gaming pieces of all time.

After 2005, there has been no stopping Razer. In 2006 the company released the DeathAdder that became the best selling gaming mouse in the world. This led to a partnership with Microsoft and rapid expansion into Asian markets. Within three years the firm released the world"s first wireless gaming mouse (the Mamba) and after that they released their BlackWidow, which was the top selling mechanical gaming keyboard - and a first of its kind in the industry.

The year 2011 was a hallmark year, as Razer was able to release its Blade laptop, the Onza console gaming product, the Synapse cloud-based storage solution for gamers, and even more.

Historically, it has emphasized peripherals such as audio devices, mice and mouse mats, keyboards, and gaming pads. However, in recent years it has given attention to some of the latest trends in gaming technology and created laptops, tablets, and even VoIP solutions.

Today"s Razer

From that one project back in 1998, Razer has grown substantially. Today it is a company with 400+ employees and offices in ten cities around the world - including the US (headquarters in San Diego, CA), Asia, and Europe. More than seven million units have been sold, and the company makes more than 20,000 new sales every day.

Clearly, their emphasis on products designed for gamers by those already enjoying gaming is a winning formula. Their design criteria, however, is three-fold and looks at ergonomics, technology, and testing by professionals. This is what allows them to make their claims of being gamer-designed goods. Nothing is released until it has received a thumbs up from some of the world"s best professional gamers who test and use the gear, and then provide key feedback.

This is why the firm was able to begin winning industry awards and recognition in the past few years. In 2012 alone Razer took four CES awards, and in 2013 it broke the four million mark on Facebook. Early in 2014 the firm won the Best of CES award for its fourth consecutive time, and also took the People"s Choice award too.

Clearly, Razer is doing it right and giving the entire gaming community what it wants and needs.

Their current product line up features:

Gaming systems - These include the New Blade, New Blade Pro, Blade, Blade Pro, Edge, Edge Pro, and more.

Peripherals - These include the mice, keyboards and keypads, audio components, controllers, mouse mats, and more.

Wearables - The Nabu is a product in Beta testing that will become one of the latest innovations in unified communications by syncing with all types of wireless devices.

Software - Current offerings include Synapse, Surround, Game Booster, Switchblade, and Comms.

Gear - Fashions and bags featuring the iconic Razer logos and graphics.

Accessories - System accessories, cord management devices, and replacement parts.

Already a success story in the world of computer peripherals, the Razer company remains active and enthusiastic about the industry. In less than twenty years" time the firm has taken a lead in the world of gaming gear and is positioned to remain that way thanks to its R&D, enthusiastic fans, and world-class technology.

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