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Ralph Lauren is all over you. His shoes are on your feet His designer trousers are on your legs. His iconic polo shirt is on your torso. His aftershave is on your face, and his sunglasses are on your eyes. His deodorant is under your armpits, and his legendary fragrance is sprayed everywhere else. Yes, Ralph Lauren is all over you! His name is everywhere in the world of fashion, and it has been like that for many years. 

Ralph Lauren was born in The Bronx in 1939, to Jewish immigrant parents. His first efforts at putting his name front and centre in the world of fashion was in 1967. Lauren was working for tie manufacturer Beau Brummell and was allowed to start his own line of neckwear. In 1968, Ralph Lauren really became a household name with the launch of his now legendary menswear line - Polo. The line would soon expand to include tailored shirts for women, with the now iconic polo player emblem on the cuff. That emblem would gain even greater exposure in 1972 when Ralph Lauren introduced his signature range of coloured polo shirts. That polo player emblem was prominently displayed on the chest, and became world famous...fame that lasts to this day.

Ralph Lauren's "preppy" clothing look became a best-selling image. But Lauren wanted to do more than have his name associated with snappy dressers the world over. Like many in the field of fashion - Chanel, Cardin and Yves St Laurent are obvious examples - Ralph Lauren took his name and fame into other areas, most notably fragrance. In 1978, he released both a woman's fragrance, and a men's cologne known, unsurprisingly, as "Polo".

After all these years, Ralph Lauren is still a formidable name in fashion, in all its different facets. There's something timeless about that name and that polo player symbol. It's still cool to wear Ralph Lauren, be it a shirt or aftershave, and this is reflected in the sales of his products. He continues to sell, and he's done very well out of it; in 2016, his wealth was estimated at 5.5 billion dollars which, at the time, made him the 233rd richest person in the world.

To wear Ralph Lauren, regardless of the form it takes, is to wear a high-quality product, as well as a famous brand. Ralph Lauren clothing, fragrances, footwear, eyewear and more have become synonymous with the good things in life and are highly regarded as being more than just a name. To choose Ralph Lauren is to choose well, something recognised by the millions of people who have made him ultra-famous and mega-rich by purchasing his products. If quality as well as a famous brand is something you look for in fashion, be it clothing or fragrance, then Ralph Lauren is the name you want all over you.


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