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When you think of high quality sound you probably think of the brand of sound equipment known as Pioneer. This makes sense because the Pioneer name has been long linked with receivers, speakers, sound, and technology for decades.

Started in Japan in 1938, the original firm specialized in repairs rather than development. However, the company's founder was always interested in developing and improving audio components and was building speakers in a basement workshop from his first days in business. This enabled him to begin offering higher quality devices rather than just repairs. By the 1940s, Pioneer was already incorporated and in the 1950s the firm was making high fidelity speakers.

By 1961, the company had taken the name Pioneer Electronics, and within a year's time it had become a public entity on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Within the next few decades, Pioneer would take the lead in developing some of the best sound reproduction equipment - including the first separate stereo system, the first car stereo, the first CATV system, and some of the best digital entertainment products in the world.

Clearly, the company has a long history of "firsts" and that continues into the current era with the release of auto navigation systems using augmented reality and wireless DJ systems.

The Pioneer LineUp

The current array of products includes items for the home , DJs, computers, cars, and cyclists. The full lineup is impressive and includes everything from DVD receivers and GPS navigation systems for vehicles to wireless sound systems for the home, computers for cycle sports, and turntables and mixers for DJs.

This wide range of products is in line with the company slogan - sound, vision, soul. Obviously, the sound is a direct reference to the industry in which the Pioneer products focus. The vision is a bit broader than one might think, and represents the company's dedication to taking leadership in all of the newest areas of their technology. From the use of Blu-ray disc technology to plasma TVs and wireless components, Pioneer is truly visionary.

Soul is a unique choice for part of the corporate slogan, and it is explained as being chosen for several reasons, but primarily as an expression of the company's deisre to lift entertainment to a level of "pure emotion".

This is a rather poetic outlook for a major global corporation, but it is one of the primary reasons that Pioneer is such an ongoing success.

The Company

Pioneer currently employs over 22k people in many parts of the world. They have a global network based in Japan but with offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and Oceana. They put a tremendous emphasis on research and development and maintain a list of secondary brands and devices.

Currently they have their Pioneer car electronics, Pioneer Elite division, the Carrozzeria in Japan, Pioneer Premier auto electronics, TAD loudspeaker products, Pioneer Premium Audio for many American cars, and Pioneer DJ. This allows the firm to access all major markets that are aligned with their electronics and products.

Pioneer knows its audience so well that it also makes a karaoke channel available for clients in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

In many parts of the world Pioneer wisely partners with corporations that can provide both companies with access to broader and better markets. In the US for example, they work in connection with Chevrolet and GMC to implement products and technologies that can help to advance innovation while also providing optimized experiences for vehicle owners.

If you take even a brief glance back through the history of Pioneer, you see a tremendous number of "firsts". You also see a great deal of industry recognition and awards for design. All of this demonstrates that Pioneer is a global entity that still listens to the needs and demands of the consumer market that it supplies. Innovation is one thing, research and development is yet another, but filling the needs of the entire industry is quite an accomplishment. It could be reasonably said that Pioneer has found the way to fill the needs of the audio market, but also the digital entertainment products industry too.

It is a company that strives for excellence and will continue to do so as long as consumers want and need the latest tech in their homes, offices, cars, and even from their DJs!

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