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Philips Flex

Verdict: With so much market saturation in Bluetooth speakers these days, it seems that every model needs to boast some kind of unique feature to set it apart from the pack. Take the JBL Clip , for example, which has an integrated carabiner for easy carry, or the Sol Republic Punk 's threaded mount that lets...
Pros: The weather-resistant Philips Flex Bluetooth speaker can hold a charge for 12 hours of playback at moderate volumes and has an integrated lanyard loop for hanging it off a belt loop or a backpack
Cons: The expanding radiators don't do much to improve the mediocre sound quality of the Flex. It also lacks dedicated volume control buttons, which can prove a hassle when the music source is distanced from the speaker
3 years ago


Pros: impressed with the battery. nice colors. awsome for the beach
Cons: not waterproof. and not that loud bass isnt good at max. but its worth every penny
3 years ago

Good speaker

Verdict: Good sound nice pop up and collapse. Like rubber durable coating. I don't use frequently so don't know how holds up for heavy user. However I have had other cheap speakers which fall apart quickly but this one good so far. Has slot for cord /clip to hang, good feature
2 years ago

Excellent quality piece of kit.

Verdict: Excellent quality piece of kit.
2 years ago
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