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Juvenile products...that description of a company's offerings could be a bit misleading. Is it a brand of gag gifts? Is it a company that supplies goods that are on the immature side? Those are certainly valid ideas when you think about juvenile products. However, you might also consider youthful, quirky, and creative as terms that could easily apply to juvenile products, and those are precisely the terms that apply to the Phil&Teds line of products.

Though part of a larger group of companies, Phil&Teds is an umbrella for some of the most innovative, useful, and even liberating products for kids. Meant to set both parents and kids free from the nursery, the overarching "theme" of the products is one of getting outdoors and moving.

The Phil&Teds Story

It makes perfect sense that a company that specializes in offering some of the best products for juveniles - for kids in fact - should be the result of a father and son partnership. It was in the mid-1990s when Phil and Ted (the father and son team in question) created their company. It emphasized some alternative and yet highly desirable products for kids - including heavy duty strollers, car seats, and feeding accessories - and it was an immediate success.

Founded in New Zealand, the company drew the attention of Campbell Gower who purchased it in 1998 and since then it has merged with two other high quality brands - Mountain Buggy and Mokopuna (all New Zealand based and focused on the creation of childcare products).

The Phil&Teds Brand

Today, Phil&Teds is seen as a premium brand and it is available online as well as through high end and specialty retailers. Its latest lineup of products includes:

Strollers - There are a few lines of strollers. Among the most popular is line of strollers known as "Inline" and are adaptable for one or two kids. They are meant to grow with a family and include vibe, navigator, classic, DOT, promenade, and S4 inline. There is also the compact line that features the smart and the smart lux. The jogger model available is the sub 4.

Cribs - Meant for travel, they include the nest and the portable traveler models.

High Chairs - Designed for use at home or away, they include the poppy, highpod, lobster, and wriggle wrapper.

Carriers - Designed for use on trails or city streets they include the metro, escape, or pepe.

Car Seat Adapters - These convert any of the strollers into legal car seats.

Accessories - All of the Phil&Teds accessories are designed to work directly with their array of products. They include covers, liners, trays, and more.

What sets this firm's products apart from the rest is that it looks to some of the most unique and innovative minds to generate new product ideas and to improve existing lines. Called "Phil&Teds Heads" these employees come from industrial design backgrounds but also from marketing firms, and are even just everyday parents too. In fact, the company boasts of more than 40 parents operating the company's head office in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.

The company also creates inspiration through one of the most unique and innovative office designs in the industry. Known for offering eclectic collaborative spaces, Phil&Teds' employees can find themselves sitting in mock airplane cabins, pseudo beach huts, and more. The onsite nursery allows those parents to bring their toddlers to work, and the in-house cafe also ensures that everyone is fueled up properly with affordable lunches prepared fresh each day.

This unique approach to the business of product design, development, and marketing has garnered the firm a sterling reputation. Their strollers and products are some of the most preferred around the globe (the company has products available in more than 50 countries). It has also won a long list of industry awards.

It isn't hard to see just how and why the different lines of products coming from Phil&Teds are such a success. It is a company that is people oriented and focused on safety, quality, and results. The mission of liberating people from the indoors and giving them the very best solutions possible has ensured that their products meet specific and real needs. They are a popular brand around the globe, and are positioned to remain a leader in their industry.

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