Paslode Information

Paslode is a tool manufacturer founded in 1935 that makes a wide range of different devices and products. The name is actually an acronym derived from Packaging Shipping Loading Devices. The company manufactures tools aimed primarily at building maintenance as well as construction. They have a very strong presence in the European market. The company goal has always been to provide those who worked in trades and the construction profession with the best quality tools and fasteners to do their jobs right. Over the years, they"ve continued to pursue this goal, and it has led to a number of innovations in the field in that time.

Paslode"s Need to Please

The company wants to make the very best tools possible for all manner of jobs, and to do that, they"ve always been the type of company to research and develop new tools based on customer feedback. They feel that this allows them to make excellent products that the customers really want with the features they need.

The company manufactures many of their tools and nail fastening systems right in the United States. They currently have four plants in the United States, but they also have operations in a number of other locations around the world. Currently, they have plants up and running in Shanghai, Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and Denmark.

One of the biggest innovations from the company happened in 1940 when they created the first stapling hammer. They continued to make new and better products down through the years, and were the company behind the world"s first pneumatic nailer in 1959. This helped to change construction and building forever. They created a range of gas actuated nailing systems in the early to mid 1980s called Impulse. These were the first real nail guns. The company was also responsible for the first Wood to Steel fastening system, and the first corrosion resistant fastener coating for treated lumber. They continue to innovate and research new and better products today.

The company has always done quite well given that they"ve been in a field that is always looking for new and better tools. Even when the construction market slowed, they were able to stay afloat thanks to branching out and selling to other areas of the market.

What Types of Tools are Available?

The company sells tools around the world today. While they are quite popular throughout Europe, they are readily available in many stores in the United States. The tools are easy to find online as well. The company offers a range of different types of nailers to suit various jobs. They have staplers, specialized nails, and more. One of the great things about the company"s site is that it allows the customers to search for and find tools in different ways. They can look through the regular products section, and they can check out the tools by trade section to find tools that work best for specific types of jobs.

The Power of the Brand

The brand has a signature orange and black color scheme for all of their tools, and this helps to make them instantly recognizable. The people who use the tools everyday are the ones who help to keep this brand going and to help it get stronger. The workers who use and recommend the tools are some of the best publicity they get. The company makes some of the highest quality and most durable tools on the market, so it"s only natural that they do well.

Instead of merely making the same types of tools year after year, they expanded their line of tools and specialty tools and actually tried to address the needs of people in the construction industry. By catering to those needs and creating tools that really do work well for those jobs, they"ve carved out a good position for themselves in the field. Today, they are a very trusted brand, and many have come to depend upon the tools for their livelihood.

Though the average consumer might not know the name of the brand, Paslode focuses heavily on their specific niche of buyers. In that realm, they are one of the companies sitting at the top of the mountain.


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