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Though only twenty years in age, the company known as Parrot is remarkably advanced. Started by Henri Seydoux in 1994, this tech firm initially designed, developed and created products for consumer Smartphones and tablets. Today, it is considered one of the most technologically advanced makers of "hands-free" communication systems, UAV technologies, as well as some of the most high-end wireless multimedia products available.

That is a tremendous amount of technology, and yet it all seems to come naturally to Parrot and its innovative team of designers and engineers.

Parrot as Innovator

Based in Paris, the company has more then 850 staff members around the globe and has established itself in markets on most continents. It has managed to create a presence for itself on many levels due to its rapid advancements in specific technologies.

For example, in 2010, Parrot announced the creation of its Parrot AR Drone hardware and its development platform. This represents sharp awareness of cutting edge technology as the drone marketplace is only now beginning to make headlines.

Parrot is well ahead of the competition in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry since it has already introduced its own Mini-Drone and purchased the Swiss drone maker "senseFly" outright in 2012. In early 2014, the company was able to premier its first drone, known unofficially as Bebop, and marketed as AR Drone 3.0.

What makes the Parrot drone such as standout from the remainder of the emerging UAV market is that theirs is the first quadcopter that can be controlled entirely via WiFi. This work in the production of advanced software is also going to help the overall UAV market as it becomes professionalized and grows.

Naturally, this is one of the latest developments, but Parrot has a lot more to offer than cutting edge drone tech.

Parrot's Specialties

Around the world, Parrot is recognized as an expert in mobile connectivity via Smartphones. The firm has also garnered a solid reputation as a major innovator in "in-car infotainment" equipment as well. This is a natural outcome of the firm's long standing interest in Bluetooth advancements, and the subsequent products that their research and development have generated.

However, if there is one term that applies broadly to the products offered by Parrot it has to be "voice command". Their latest range of products (apart from the different drone devices soon to be marketed through the company) put an emphasis on voice controlled and/or wireless functions. These include:

Parrot MINIKIT Neo and MINIKIT+ - Both are handsfree devices that can sync with two phones at once, respond to voice prompts, and which features top of the line sound software that effectively cancels noise and makes hands free communication easy and safe.

The ASTEROID range of products - From the Mini and the Tablet to the Smart, this line of voice controlled devices makes driving and navigation safer and more enjoyable than ever.

The MKi range of products - Three different systems dedicated to music and conversation in the car via Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone, USB or Line-in connectivity.

Steering Wheel Controls - In cooperation with up to fifteen different car makers, Parrot makes three different steering wheel control units that will operate their ASTEROID line of devices as well as their MKi range.

Zikmu Solo - A high fidelity stereo tower speaker system that is wireless and which produces top quality sound from a single unit.

Clearly, the firm has mastered the voice command and hands free technologies that the modern world demands. An emphasis on devices to be used for safer driving has brought Parrot the attention and partnership of major collaborators.

Today, they have automotive partnerships with Ford, Saab, Toyota, Citroen and many other manufacturers who install their technologies in many new makes and models. They also partner with automotive equipment makers like Delphi, Siemens, and Visteon among others. Their partnerships with telecommunications firms also helps to spread the use of their products, and they currently work with such enormous names as Vodafone and AT&T.

Quality and Standards

Their high quality products have already garnered them awards, and Parrot was given ISO approval for the 9001, TS 16949, 14001, and the OHSAS 18001 quality standards. They have firm guidelines about the use and purchase of conflict materials, and are committed to maintaining the highest standards.

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