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"Made for the demands of the Kiwi kitchen," is the charming catchphrase that sums up the goal of the Parmco brand. With more than twenty years of experience producing some of the highest quality kitchen appliances available, the brand can easily claim to know (and to know very well) the demands they hope to meet.

An Introduction to Parmco

With more than two dozen years in operation, Parmco was started with several core ideas in mind. First was that excellence in customer experience was essential. Next, was that only the highest quality kitchen technology would be made, sold, and distributed throughout New Zealand. Finally, customer satisfaction and service would be guaranteed - even years after a product was purchased or installed.

To achieve this would require a lot of focus, which Parmco has maintained over the many years it has existed. Today the firm remains 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All products are built and distributed in New Zealand, and the servicing of any unit is guaranteed for up to five full years after purchase. Repairs and service are handled by a comprehensive network of agents, and even the repair reporting system is top of the line.

Actual distribution of their products is done through major retailers and distribution channels in New Zealand, but customer service is in the hands of Parmco itself. To this day, they have maintained a tremendous emphasis on positive customer experience.


Started in the early 1990s, Parmco is based in Mt. Wellington (a suburb of Auckland). From its "purpose based" facilities, it is able to produce and distribute thousands of freestanding stoves, ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, waste disposal units, refrigerators, and more.

Created to fully utilize modern technologies, the kitchen equipment Parmco manufactures places an emphasis on efficiency, ease of use, style, and dependability. Rather than channeling production and product management off into any divisions, the firm has remained committed to offering a range of options that are the best of the best for their categories.

As an example, they do not offer buyers an endless list of dishwashers that come in every possible color while failing to provide the best features. Instead, they have an integrated model and a short list of stainless steel and white units. These are divided into economy, slim economy, digital, and LED. They each have extensive warranties in place and deliver the best in performance and pricing.

Parmco has innovated from its earliest days, but took extra steps when it had to update its ERP system. It approached software experts, Greentree, to design a completely customized solution. This was necessary because Parmco had been using its own "self-built" solution for many years. Rather than integrating their needs into pre-packaged software in its early years, the company had developed its own methods that allowed excellence in customer experiences from "day one".

To ensure this continued, however, a new and unique software solution was devised. The firm is able to offer top quality service because of this, and was willing to invest in this innovative answer in order to keep customers as the priority.

Let's Cook With Parmco

The satisfaction of customers is a tremendous emphasis at Parmco, but so too is the health and wellbeing of the entire nation. To ensure that the general public recognizes its desire to provide the best for the "kiwi kitchen", the company began the "Let's Cook With Parmco" contest.

Open to all schools in New Zealand, the contest uses a celebrity chef and creates weekly challenges that teach kids how to use the healthiest foods and to prove to them just how fun cooking can be. Prizes include entire classrooms full of Parmco appliances, as well as packages of top of the line kitchen gadgets and gear.


Today, a shopper can visit online and real world vendors throughout New Zealand to explore the many excellent appliances and products that Parmco makes available. A summary list includes Cooking Appliances (ovens, cooktops, and microwaves), Dishwashers, Kitchen Waste systems, Kitchen Ventilation systems, Kitchen Essentials (sinks, splashbacks, and accessories), Laundry Needs (washing machines, dryers, and laundry stations), and Kitchen Cooling (several kinds of refrigerators).

Parmco is among the most trusted names in appliances throughout New Zealand and is known as both an economy and an upscale brand.


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