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Things have moved fast in the world of electronics. In a decade the world has gone from CDs to digital files, from free standing hard drives to cloud storage, and from printed books to eBooks and beyond. This has made it fairly challenging for long-standing technology firms to keep up with the rapid-fire changes, and it has opened the door to new companies looking to enter the market.

This is precisely how the OPPO Electronics Corp. got its start in 2004. Responding to the ever increasing demand for portable media players, home electronics and other consumer electronics, they created a line of products that uses absolutely no marketing, but which has succeeded strongly.

The Word of Mouth Brand

If you are new to OPPO, you might wonder just why the company does not seem to advertise itself. After all, you might adore the device(s) you have recently acquired and wondered why you didn't see this firm's ads but instead heard from a friend or colleague that this was the brand to trust. The simple answer is that OPPO has decided to direct all of its resources towards product design, R&D, and customer service.

Instead of channeling energy and time in developing advertising and marketing campaigns, the company has used its (seemingly) endless list of awards, positive professional reviews, and high tech innovations to garner attention and sales. A look at the company's industry recognition proves that it is considered a top performer within its own industry, and the overall quality of products demonstrates tremendous thought in design.

Jumping on board the surge in demand for high quality digital electronics, OPPO also committed itself to creating stylish and high performance goods to meet the needs of savvy consumers. For most modern consumers it is mostly about performance, but a nice package doesn't hurt, and that is how OPPO designs most of its goods.

The OPPO Products

The current lineup of goods being made by OPPO include:

Blu-ray players

Personal audio devices

HD Benchmark Disc testers

AIX Calibration Disc testers

Accessories for Blu-ray players

Personal audio accessories

This list doesn't do justice to the different products simply because it doesn't provide details about the optimal quality of each category.

For example, the company's Blu-ray players are considered a benchmark for quality. In only a decade, the OPPO players have moved from offering some of the first 3D capabilities to dual HDMI output and input. The latest model is a first in the world of Blu-ray players and offers Darbee Visual Presence technology.

This is advanced technology that is based on an award-winning design, which adds depth and realism to any visual experience while also providing top quality audio output. In other words - it is the best option for a home theater experience.

Evidence that the Blu-ray players alone are worth exploring the OPPO brand can be found in a list of the awards that the players have received in the past few years. In 2013 they received the Robinson's Brutus Awards, the Product of the Year Award from Absolute Sound, PC Mag Readers' Choice Award, and the Best of Blue Note award, among many others. The same long list of accolades occurred in 2012 and many previous years.

The OPPO Company

Based in Mountain View, California the firm is clearly offspring of Silicon Valley. However, it has managed to create a presence in many regions of the world. Currently there are divisions in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China. There is also a separate operation under the OPPO brand known as OPPO Digital.

OPPO Electronics has put a tremendous emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. It extends 100% satisfaction guarantees, and ensures that clients get the best results from their purchases. Even some of the company's products are designed to offer tools and education that yield optimal results. Their benchmark and calibration disks are meant purely to fine-tune equipment purchased from OPPO itself.

A dedication to quality design and customer service makes this firm unique in the modern world. Rather than cutting corners and advertising big, OPPO doesn't advertise at all and lets their products speak for themselves.

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