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Extracting nutrients from fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and then drinking all that goodness, is more than a passing fad. It's as popular as it ever was, with many different brands of nutrient extractors still on the market. However, one name stands out in this crowded field: NutriBullet. In a marketplace where dozens of machines promise to turn superfoods into a super smoothie, NutriBullet is the most famous, and the one regarded as the most powerful and efficient nutrient extractor you can get.

It took a South African accountant by the name of Colin Sapire to bring the NutriBullet to the attention of the world. A healthy living man, Sapire experimented with turning healthy foods, and absolutely all the goodness they contain, into drinkable concoctions. Sapire wanted to create something more than a blender or a juicer - they were not capable of extracting all the nutrients in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. After much trial and error, Sapire introduced the NutriBullet to the world in 2003 - a device capable of deriving maximum nutrition from whatever was put in it. For people despairing at the amount of produce going to waste in the bottom of the fruit and vegetable bin in their fridge, they now had a solution. Broccoli, celery, beetroot, spinach - anything that was in danger of wilting away to a brown mess in the refrigerator could be put into the NutriBullet and transformed into a healthy drink.

The world recognises a good idea when it sees one and the NutriBullet was soon joined by a host of imitators. So why does the NutriBullet still stand supreme in the field of nutrition extraction? Sheer power is one very compelling reason. Inside this small unit lives a motor capable of blending seeds, crushing ice and extracting the healthy things out of skins and seeds that others leave behind. The NutriBullet is versatile enough to make almond butter, or grind coffee, thanks to the strength if its blades working in conjunction with the motor. It's easy to use, and just as easy to clean, big selling points for time-poor consumers. 

One final reason why NutriBullet is still the biggest player in the nutrition extraction game; it has been marketed like a dream. A combination of infomercials, social media, word-of-mouth and traditional advertising have helped the NutriBullet go viral. No other machine has the same name recognition or prestige as the NutriBullet, and this is reflected in the sales figures. They remain buoyant, even though the NutriBullet has been on the market for well over ten years - in fact, one NutriBullet was sold every 30 seconds during a sales event in a major British department store last year!

The NutriBullet might be a triumph of marketing, but it would have lost its way if it wasn't a good product. It does things other nutrient extractors can't and proves that substance will always beat hype, even if a degree of hype is a crucial part of the NutriBullet marketing mix.

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