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As a name synonymous with computer software and utilities, Norton is also one of the most common brands mentioned when a consumer or small business owner is discussing computer security, too.

A Brief History of Norton

In the 1980s, computers were just barely entering the marketplace, and yet software designers were thinking ahead and envisioning how far things would go. One of them was Peter Norton who began creating very user friendly software meant to help computer users to keep their systems running, to troubleshoot without even a basic understanding of computer operating systems, and to even backup their data safely.

From the early 1980s until the company sold to Symantec in 1990, the firm offered Norton Utilities, Editor, Guides, Commander, Backup and a version of the utilities for Mac users. When the firm was sold and merged with Symantec, they decided to retain the brand name and continue to build on its success.

Norton Today

In fact, they began to branch out and create very specific products and services for all of the emerging markets. Today, they provide Enterprise products and solutions as well as business and consumer options. Their product categories include:

  • Norton Security - Considered the deluxe version of security by protecting a computer with realtime security against all emerging threats, this package is capable of working across five devices. It gives warnings of unsafe sites, manages passwords and usernames to allow you to store them securely, warns about problematic or unsafe apps, and includes online technicians. As a subscription, it is available in one or two year plans. It is also available for a single device or in a premium plan that includes backup.

  • Norton Security with Backup - Considered the premium form of security, this product provides all of the same benefits of Norton Security but also comes with service for up to ten devices, gives an additional layer or PC protection from any ransomware, includes tools for households with children, and backs up automatically from any Windows PC (with up to 25 GB of data storage).

  • Norton Family Premier - The best way to allow kids to enjoy the Internet by monitoring the amount of time they spend online, providing simple settings to ensure that children can explore the web safely and securely, protects children's private information, and can be used on all of a child's devices.

  • Norton Mobile Security - Smartphones and tablets are a real vulnerability, and one that few do not recognize. This package (which as a single or two year subscription) protects users against dangerous apps, ensures online privacy, provides device recovery tools, backs up contacts to prevent accidental deletion or loss, and works across multiple devices.

  • Norton Online Backup - The "set it and forget it" approach to data management. It automatically backs up 25GB of information and works for Mac or Windows systems. It provides encryption on all data and even allows the user to transfer files between computers without any difficulties. It is available as a subscription with one year working across five devices and three months working for up to five devices.

  • Norton Utilities - The ultimate solution to troubleshooting and smooth operation, this program speeds up any PC, fixes most common problems, and instantly repairs issues with the hard drive. This software provides any PC user with the tools they need to tune up their systems and to prevent headaches from slow down, crashes, and more.

  • Norton Small Business - A simple answer to protecting multiple PCs and Macs (as well as mobile devices and tablets). This software secures your devices against malware and viruses, works from a single web portal, and operates as a subscription to enable a business to increase or decrease coverage as needed.

The company also provides services that include their NortonLive Services, Ultimate Help Desk, Spyware and Virus Removal, and Norton Safe Web service.

Clearly, those who want to effortlessly secure their home or small business computers and devices can still depend on Norton to do the heavy lifting. A forward thinking brand since the dawn of the computer era, it is still one of the most reliable methods for fast and stable computer operation.

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