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One of the most recognized names in the world when it comes to communications technology is Nokia, a Finnish company that started long before anyone had even a tiny inkling that there would one day be portable phones. Today, this company offers a variety of services and products that cover a host of different areas including Internet services, applications, media and messaging, and much more.

How Long Has Nokia Been a Business?

Nokia actually started all the way back in 1865, and at that time it was a rubber factory. The founder also had factories for cables and wood in Finland, and he decided that he would name his company after the town that held his factories. This was a way for him to differentiate his products from those of his competitors. It was not until 1902 that Nokia was actually able to add electricity generation to their business.

In the beginning, Nokia was actually three separate companies, since the laws in the country did not allow them to merge at that time. In fact, even though the three separate companies were owned jointly since 1922, they did not merge and become the Nokia Corporation until 1967. They started to dabble in a variety of different industries at that time, too, including footwear, tires for autos and bikes, paper, televisions, communications cables, computers, robotics, military communication equipment.

They only stayed in the consumer electronics sector until the 1990s. At that time, they decided that they would rather put their time and efforts into telecommunications. This was an area where they excelled in the past, and the telecommunications field was growing very quickly at the time, so it made sense from a business perspective.

They had been involved in telecommunications heavily since the 1970s when they worked on the Nokia DX 200, which was a digital switch for telephones. They were also one of the companies that worked on and innovated in the area of mobile phones, which was something they been doing for the military since the 1960s. They made a variety of commercial mobile phones in the 1980s, and these quickly became status symbols for people, even more so than the popular smartphones are today.

Innovating in Telecommunications

Nokia became one of the most popular companies offering mobile handsets, particularly in the early 2000s. Some of the most popular products to come from the company at the time include the Nokia 3210 and the Nokia 3310. The Nokia 1100 handset from 2003 actually shipped more than 200 million pieces. This was massive and is still the biggest selling mobile phone.

Nokia has always been a company that could see the promise of the future far better than many other companies could. That's one of the reasons that they spend so much effort on the telecommunications industry. They also were the first company that really saw just how much potential there was to add gaming to phone handsets. They saw that many people enjoyed devices such as the Game Boy from Nintendo. They thought that combining phones and gaming devices would be a good idea, and they created the N-Gage for this purpose.

Unfortunately, this came out a bit before the mobile gaming craze really caught on amongst casual gamers. It also may have hurt them that the product cost about twice as much as the device from Nintendo. However, today, mobile games are a huge part of smartphones.

This did not discourage them from innovating, though. They designed a variety of different styles and shapes of phone, and they eventually went down the route of creating true smartphone technology. They stayed away from Android OS on their devices for a long time "some might say too long "and this cost them some of their customers. However, they are now starting to create products that are making use of these other technologies that people know and enjoy using.

One of their latest products, for example, is the Nokia X, first shown in 2014. These smartphones work on an Android OS. These are end smartphones, and Nokia is focusing on bringing them to emerging markets as a means to gain new customers. They also continue to make a number of other products in the field of communications.


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