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Noirot 7358
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Noirot 2000W Spot Plus Panel Heater

Pros: The heater warms up quite quickly, and the room where it is being used,feels comfortable in no time on mid range setting. Not sure about the running costs, but if information about the heater is correct then it's cheep to run as you don't have to have it on long to heat the room and make it...
Cons: The power cord could have been a bit longer
7 months ago
The Good Guys
Pros: This is a nice looking panel heater with a programmable timer and all the safety features it needs
Cons: There are cheaper panel heaters that have more features than this one - thermostat control, for instance
Verdict: Shop around. If you can find this one for under $300, it may be worth buying, but don't pay the full rrp.
6 years ago
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