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Navman Information you remember a time when a handy GPS unit was not readily available? Today, we have GPS devices and software in most smartphones and can easily purchase almost any type of vehicle with some sort of GPS option.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it does just that - it lets us know where we are on the planet at any given moment - even if we are in motion. Thus, it is the ultimate tool for navigation, and this is exactly what Sir Peter Maire thought when he created Navman in 1986.

Created to develop and manufacture GPS systems of all kinds (including standalone devices, software for Palm devices, as part of automotive and marine navigational systems, and in Pocket PCs), the company has since become an independent brand known as Navman PND under the ownership of MiTAC. There are two "sister" companies affiliated with Navman products, and these are Mio and Magellan; and many of the products are found alongside one another.

The Navman brand (which remains in New Zealand, though the parent firm is in Taiwan) is most commonly marketed in New Zealand and Australia, while the Mio or Mio Navman name appears on the same models outside of this region.

The Many Faces of Navman

The emphasis of the products is in the automotive industry with the current lineup of Navman gear including:

* EZY250LM

* MY400LMT

* MY450LMT

* Navman's Best GPS

* MOVE Series

* MiVue (Digital Drive Recorders)

All of the Navman GPS devices feature voice destination entry, trip select, Lonely Planet Travel Guides, tunnel assist, trip planning software, speed limit alerts, smart find technology, safety alerts, instant map refresh, multiple language, smart route software, petrol and parking solutions, roadside assistance, and so much more.

Additional features include free lifetime map updates, driver fatigue sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. In addition to extending some of the most feature rich GPS software and gear available, the company remains on the leading edge of innovation.

As an example, they were the first to use Landmark Guidance Plus technology that creates navigation and directions that are more intuitive and natural. Unlike so many other GPS tech, this software behaves as if it were a passenger in the car and gives commands in a way that is safer, more efficient and far less likely to lead to frustration or missed turns.

Emphasis on Sat Nav Tech

Since the very beginning, Navman products have had an emphasis on utilizing satellite navigation technology (sat nav). This remains a hallmark of their products line today, but instead of focusing strictly on navigational use of the technology, the company has branched out into personal and recreational applications. These are systems, however, developed by the sister firm - Magellan - with an emphasis on outdoor GPS usage.

Navman, though part of a larger organization, remains relatively small in total size. With 500 employees, the company keeps its eye on the developments in automotive GPS, as well as dashboard cameras and utilizes any outside tech that consumers may enjoy or benefit from.

As an example, in May of 2014, the firm was able to announce the release of the "Navman SmartGPS". This is a system that can connect to smartphones, laptops, or home computers. It can then display updates from social media on the face of the GPS unit (when linked with appropriate platforms such as Foursquare). When partnered with the Smart GPS app, the user can link their smartphone to the device and save routes, data, points of interest, and more.

Clearly, Navman is looking to move the GPS beyond the basics and to turn it into a user-friendly device that multitasks.

The release of dashboard cameras, however, is to serve one function - ensure that drivers have evidence should they experience an accident or collision of some kind. Navman has released a high quality unit that keeps data secure on an SD card. At an affordable price point. This camera can provide peace of mind since it instantly saves the ongoing recording when the camera detects a rapid change in direction (such as during impact).

Never get lost and never get blamed for an accident again when you turn to the advanced technologies in any of the Navman devices.

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