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When you hear the names Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, Salma Hayek, and Rachel Weisz, you probably think something along the lines of "good actors," but if you are a fan of the red carpet you probably also think "amazing dressers", as well. These ladies do share a lot in common - good acting skills, good looks, and excellent fashion sense. They all also share a favorite designer - Narciso Rodriguez.

A relative newcomer to the world of fashion, Narciso Rodriguez has been a familiar name since designing the wedding gown of the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Prior to that, however, he was already a true professional.

The Career of Narciso Rodriguez

Born in Newark, New Jersey, he had a life-long interest in fashion and costumes. This led to him pursuing studies in fashion design. He was soon a graduate of the famous Parsons The New School for Design, and almost immediately took work with several prestigious design houses. First working independently for Donna Karan, he then shifted to a position in the famous Calvin Klein firm. This is where he met Bessette and got his first headline gig.

This success allowed him to launch a label of his own in 2001 and to begin making a real name for himself. Shortly after starting his own company, he partnered with Shiseido to create a woman"s perfume in 2003. Next, he was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America "Womenswear" award - and was the first American designer to accomplish that two years in a row.

As the year 2006 began, however, he faced serious financial struggles. A poor relationship with his company"s manufacturing partner left him in serious debt, and he had to open his firm up to investment. The famous designer Liz Claiborne recognized this opportunity and came on board and saved the failing company.

Things turned around rapidly because of this, and she sold back the interest to Narciso Rodriguez only two years later - at a profit of course.

The success of his first perfume in 2003 inspired Shiseido to seek him out for another fragrance, and this time it was a men"s line that appeared in 2007. A year after that his name made headlines again when newly-elected President Barack Obama"s wife, Michelle, wore one of his gowns for her first appearance as First Lady. And in 2009 another fragrance was launched, and it has since become one of the most popular contemporary scents.

Narciso Rodriguez Today

Fast forward to 2014 and Narciso Rodriguez has a fashion house in New York City from which he creates his ready-to-wear lines. These include:








Evening Wear



Handbags in Collaboration with Bottletop

His collections include resort and seasonal wear, and his lines are known for their clean esthetics and flattering cuts.

He is truly unique in the world of fashion designers because of his diversity and scope. After all, few designers can claim such a strong connection to successful ventures outside of traditional fashion, but Rodriguez has a long career in costume design for films, as well. He has collaborated with filmmakers on such hits as "The Family Stone" and the popular remake of the classic film "The Women". He often works with choreographers to costume their dancers, and his work is of such high caliber that it has ended up in many museum displays.

Rodriguez, though a remarkably young man, was the subject of a presentation at FIT and even had a film about him presented at the world-famous Sundance festival.

Finding Fashions

Those interested in the garments and products of Narciso Rodriguez have several channels through which to experience them and make a purchase. He sells his ready-to-wear collections through his website, but he also has shops throughout the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The fragrances are available in Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean, and his collections of accessories can be found in American and European boutiques. He also makes his product line available through his website.

His atelier remains in New York, and he is a staple of the annual runway shows around the world.

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