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Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. But what happens when it is a father who has the need? Does necessity also become the father of invention too? This is precisely how the popular Mountain Buggy company sprang to life.

It all began in 1992, when a father in New Zealand realized that he needed a baby buggy that was far more rugged and durable than anything then on the market. He had been hoping to take his infant out on the mountain trails and yet he knew that the ride would be too bumpy and unsafe. And so he set out to create a solution to his need and created one of the first all-terrain baby buggies - the Mountain Buggy.

At that time, he developed what Mountain Buggy calls it "legendary platform". This used precision engineering to overcome the different struggles that might be created by such diverse terrain as city sidewalks and craggy mountain trails. In hindsight, that first model from 1992 looks almost too basic, and yet it provided the foundation for today's truly high tech buggies.

Evolution of the Mountain Buggy

With that first model in 1992, Mountain Buggy set a precedent that it sticks with today - asking for feedback and using it to improve buyer experiences. This is why their first model was followed up twelve years later with the more advanced "Urban" and then nine years after that (in 2013) they released the "Urban Jungle" and the "Cosmopolitan".

Based on an operational model of listening, developing, and delivering, Mountain Buggy has taken some fairly advanced technology (from their first model) and improved on it sharply.

They are committed to evolving their current product line rather than reworking and introducing new models all of the time. This is a clear commitment to quality, and it is based mostly on responsiveness to parental (owner) feedback. They also work closely with retailers to learn what customers are requesting and seeking. Thus, they are able to give buyers style and functionality.

Listening and Developing Solutions

The Mountain Buggy willingness to listen to customer feedback explains such innovations as a zip fabric sling for the buggy frame, a patented tailfree harness to prevent any risks of harm or injury from loose straps near a child's face and neck, a grab bar that allows easier access to the child, and an automatic frame lock that prevents injury as a buggy is stored away after use.

Of course, if they are truly listening to their audience it means that they are also developing further products in response to customer need and demand. That is why Mountain Buggy is not only a top producer of high quality buggies but also makes:



Pod High Chairs

Car Seats

These products, in addition to the full array of Mountain Buggies, are put through rigorous quality and safety tests that include the use of highest quality materials, surface testing, tyre testing, different transport tests, stair ascents, handle strength tests, climate testing and more.

The durability of a Mountain Buggy is almost a sure thing after all of this testing but it still comes with a strong warranty.

Brand Names

Mountain Buggy is affiliated with other popular brand names in children's gear and accessories, including Phil&Teds and Mokopuna Merino. In fact, the organization is known formally as Phil&Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company, and is dedicated to helping parents to escape the nursery and to live their lives without limits, and always with their kids in tow!

To that end, the company has pursued safety compliance ratings in many markets around the globe. Their gear is currently found in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada. Their product lines also conform to EN and ASTM standards throughout Europe as well.

With over twenty years of experience in designing and creating optimal equipment for parents and kids, Mountain Buggy is a trusted authority. It is a firm that offers some of the most well tested and well received baby buggies, and other similar gear, and yet it continues to listen to what parents need and to implement the changes that provide safe and top of the line results. Mountain Buggy stands behind every item made, and has a sterling reputation because of its commitment to quality.

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