Mobile Skin & Cases Buying Guide

Mobile skins and cases not only provide some protection to your phone, they can give it something of a personality as well. The question is, what type is best for you, and your phone?

Beauty Is Skin Deep

If you're all about giving your phone a distinctive look, then a silicone "Skin" case is for you as there are many designs available. Protection may be a little compromised but the flexibility of the silicone means it can absorb shocks very well. 

Accessible Shell Cases

A good "Shell" case should snap on easily to protect the back and sides of your smartphone. As well as providing decent protection for the areas it covers, a shell case will provide easy access to the buttons on your phone.

How About A Pretty Pouch?

Just like a skin case, a "Pouch" for your phone is for those interested in aesthetics, thanks to the wide range of designs and materials, including fabric, canvas or leather. A pouch with a belt clip means you can "wear" your phone while you're out and about.

What About A Wallet?

Wallet-style cases not only have room for your phone, but also compartments for cards, cash and whatever else you might carry in a wallet. 

The Real Deal

If you’re really serious about protecting your phone, you can buy cases made in a super-strong material e.g. metal, and which totally enclose your phone. They may be weighty and cost you a little more, but given the good money you've spent on your phone, this type of case is worth it.

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