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Take a look at any of the world's biggest industries, and you might be surprised to learn just how many of their biggest innovators started in such inauspicious spaces as basements and garages. From HP and Apple to some of the top optics and electronics firms in the world, there is a lot to be said for those famous garage and basement workrooms.

The story of the pioneering audio firm Marantz begins in one of those less than stellar workrooms. It was in the 1950s that Saul Marantz worked in his Kew Gardens, NY basement space to create the best sound reproduction possible.

Marantz was a passionate guitarist and music fan, and yet he deplored the high-fidelity equipment of the era. So he set out to build a better system from his basement workshop. His enthusiasm captured the attention of engineers like Sidney Smith, and the two of them worked with others to create the first Marants product in the late 1950s - the Model 7 preamplifier.

The success of this model led to subsequent gear, and soon the Model 8 and the 8B Power Amplifier had garnered Marantz a quality reputation. By the 1960s, the superiority of the Marantz approach was made plain when NASA decide to use the Model 9 format (renaming it the 9120) as a part of its tracking equipment for the Apollo space program.

This led to what many refer to as the "best sounding tuner of all time" the Marantz 10B FM tuner. From that time forward, the company's reputation allowed it to introduce a steady stream of new and constantly improved products such as speakers, turntables, tuners, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amps.

The arrival of the 1980s and personal stereo systems (such as Walkmans) began to change things for Marantz. Digital audio reproduced differently from classic recordings and the arrival of the CD meant changes for Marantz products too. They offered their own CD players and began dabbling in video gear too.

The company kept transitioning smoothly over the next decades with the arrival of surround sound and video components, plasma technologies, and more. Today, the firm is known for its Super Audio CD players, its sound receivers, DVD players, projection gear, plasma monitors, and its excellence with video as well.

The Current Lineup

A look at their current product offerings includes:

AV Separates

Wireless Music Systems

AV Receivers

Blu-Ray players

Hi-Fi Components

Reference Series devices

It is clear that their product line caters to and meets the needs of true music and video aficionados. As their mission expresses - music should be reproduced as the artists intended, and so their products strive to deliver.

Each item made is packed with technical excellence and designed to accurately reproduce the essence of any recording or audio file. There is a large culture around the Marantz products, and the company's websites makes an "Owner's Circle" available for those who want to register products and meet other enthusiasts.

The Life of Marantz

It is interesting to note that the company was purchased outright quite early in its history. The Superscope firm bought in during 1960s and then partnered with a Japanese firm, Standard Radio Corp. This was then transferred to Philips Electronics (another firm with a sterling reputation) but then sold again in the 1990s. By 2002, the company was in the hands of D&M Holdings and Philips was completely separate from Marantz by 2008.

Today, it is seen as a music lover's brand and as a product that holds its value no matter what the age of the individual unit. Actively bought and sold as new and used devices, the Marantz brand is clearly one that has earned its strong reputation for high quality sound reproduction.

However, the reputation and popularity of Marantz products means that they should be acquired only through authorized dealers, authorized online dealers, and approved international dealers. The company warns against purchases from Internet resellers and unauthorized vendors because they cannot guarantee the quality of the products.

If there could be said to be a music lover's preferred sound system, the Marantz name would surely appear on any music fan's list. It is an incredibly reliable brand designed for music lovers by music lovers.

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