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In the world of power tools there are really only a few highly trusted names, and one of them is Makita. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2015, this firm has been in business since the advent of the electrical power tool industry. Based in Japan it has a global presence in more than 150 countries, production facilities on almost every continent, and more than 12,000 employees around the world.

The History of Makita

Before it was synonymous with superior quality power tools for professional and consumer use, it was a simple repair shop in the city of Nagoya, Japan. The firm sold and repaired lighting equipment, transformers and small motors. However, within the next 20 years, the company began to export electric motors and generators to Russian territories, and by 1938 had become Makita.

During this time, the power tools industry was only beginning, and so Makita was truly on the cutting edge. It was the very first to sell portable electric planers to Japanese consumers and by 1959 had converted its modern plant into an electric power tool factory. During its first year of production it exported thousands of hand held tools, and within three years had gone public.

By the late 1960s it had created the first rechargeable power tool, a battery operated drill, and within the next decade it would experience tremendous growth - expanding its presence to the U.S., Europe and UK.

While there was a strong focus on expanding operations, the emphasis always remained on the products. In the late 1970s they created the first nickel cadmium battery tool, released a pneumatic nailer and air compressor (1981), and received industry recognition for the design of their circular saw, grinder, and drill.

The 1990s saw them create the first Ni MH battery tool, the first nickel hydride battery tool, and continue to expand their audience and manufacturing capabilities all over the world. By 2012, their annual sales were at almost $3 billion, and they still continue to explore the latest demands in the consumer and professional power tools market.

The Makita Products

It is obvious that Makita has an impressively comprehensive range of tools, and they break it into the following categories:

  • Cordless - In addition to combination kits, they offer driver- drills and hammers, impact drivers, impact wrenches, multi-tools, a variety of saws, random orbit sanders, flashlights, blowers, vacuums, planers, screwdrivers, radios, caulk guns, plate joiners, and more.
  • Concrete - Their range of concrete related power tools includes power cutters, hammer drills, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, breaker hammers, and grinders, planers and scrapers for concrete work.
  • Drills and Fastening - This category features drills, screwdrivers, cutout tools, impact drivers, and impact wrenches.
  • Metalworking - For professional or consumer metalworking jobs they offer saws, grinders, sanders, and polishers.
  • Multi-tools - Broken into two categories (cordless and corded) this range includes their LXT Multi Tool Kits, and their TM3 corded kits.
  • Saws - For cutting jobs the category features circular saws, jig saws, recipro saws and fibre cement saws.
  • Benchtop - Workshop and bench tools include their miter saws and their table saws and planers.
  • Woodworking - This category includes multi-tool solutions, routers, trimmers, planers, finishing sanders, random orbit sanders, and belt sanders.
  • Dust Xtraction - This range includes their vacuums, masonry and specialty woodworking tools.
  • Pneumatic - The firm offers a line of nailers and compressors with pneumatic features.
  • Power Equipment - Their power equipment includes indoor and outdoor gear such as power cutters, blowers, chain saws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and brush cutters.

They also extend a range of consumer services that includes their authorized service centres, product registration options, and call centre services. With their dedication to the utmost quality, Makita is clearly one of the best names in power tools. Known around the world for a century, it demonstrates a desire to meet demands while also seeking to innovate and improve on already premium products.

Whether you are the dedicated DIY expert in your household or a professional in a trade that requires dependable power tools, the Makita brand will have a lot of solutions. Well priced and well made, they are a solid investment you can count on for the future.

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