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When you talk about food processing in the home kitchen it often involves a machine that can slice, dice, shred, puree and more. Over the years a few brand names have really dominated the market, but do you know which of them actually created the very first food processing machines?

If you answered Magimix, you are correct. It was back in the early 1960s when the Robot-Coupe company released the very first commercial food processor. It makes sense that a French firm would create this cooking solution when you consider the long relationship that the country has with gourmet dining and gastronomy.

However, this was a commercial machine meant to help professional chefs to accomplish more in their kitchens safely and far more efficiently than by hand. This first machine was strong enough to handle commercial grade grinding, chopping, slicing, and even kneading operations. It was a great learning experience for the company, and it was able to downsize these functions and to create the first domestically sized machine only a few years later.

The Magimix was the first domestic food processor, released in 1971, it instantly garnered a popular reputation for being a major innovation, time saver, and benefit to cooks all over the world.

Innovations Abound

There are few modern kitchens without some sort of electronic food processing gear today, but Magimix was truly ahead of its time. After that first machine was released in 1971, the firm kept researching and innovating in order to provide domestic cooks with the kinds of tools and resources they would need. Thus, within the next twent years, the Magimix brand would release:

The very first egg white beater attachment for a food processor

The very first "mini" bowl that fit inside of the larger bowl and to provide opportunities for processing quickly without stopping to clean the machine

The first compact food processors that required roughly twenty-five percent less space

The first "nesting" bowls in a food processor that allowed tasks to be performed in quick succession without disassembling and cleaning the machine

Kits to enable specific functions such as pureeing, mashing, extracting juice, and making dough

A "Smoothie" kit

Emulsion attachments

These developments demonstrate that the Magimix company has paid close attention to the most recent developments in the world of food. After all, the creation and popularity of smoothies is only a recent innovation, as well as the use of emulsion methods for the creation of certain dishes.

Clearly, the company is forward thinking, and this can also be seen in their firm commitment to environmental initiatives too.

Dedication to Initiatives

The Magimix polices around environmental responsibility are admirable, and result in the creation of gear that is "built better to last longer".

For example, they ensure that the design of their products brings with it long lasting durability. In fact, they place a thirty year guarantee on the motors inside of each food processor. They also ensure that all of their products are repairable and provide spare parts for up to ten years after a machine is produced - though their designs usually guarantee that products last for decades.

This dedication to durability is also upheld in the firm's commitment to waste reduction. Believing that the best effort at waste reduction comes from making products that will last longer, the Magimix products themselves help to "green" the planet.

Also, all Magimix products are energy efficient and feature standby modes in case they are left plugged in at all times.

Dedicated to a healthier environment, the firm also offers recipes for those who own their products. They do this to encourage buyers to discover the benefits of home cooking that cuts food miles and eliminates most food packaging.

The company also produces a popular line of toasters and makes its products available in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, the US and Canada, Germany, Italy, France, and many other parts of the world.

Commitment to the creation of quality food, eco-friendly policies, and durable machinery, Magimix should be a household name. Far more than just a maker of top quality food processors and toasters, the firm demonstrates a desire to provide consumers with all that they need through product innovation and quality workmanship.

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