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It is interesting to hear that a company is "one of the largest" and yet may not be all that familiar to a lot of consumers. This is often the case with the global firm known as MSI, but it is indeed one of the modern world's largest IT or information technology makers on the globe.

The reason for it remaining a bit under the radar is usually because it provides the brains behind the other IT products. It is a leading manufacturer of what are known as motherboards and graphic cards - in other words, the bits inside our top technologies. They also make many of the devices that require their tech including laptops, servers, multimedia devices, and more.

MSI has a very strong reputation for innovation and is known for creating a lot of "firsts" in the world of IT. What makes it such an interesting firm today is that it remains so firmly committed to innovation and style as "core values". This is accomplished through intelligent technology which the firm has persistently defined through versatility. This is what accounts for its long list of current products and its ongoing dedication to research and development.

The Beginning of MSI

The firm began in 1986 and was created by five innovators in Taiwan. They were Xu Xiang, Huang Jinquing, Lin Wentong, You Xian'neng, and Lu Qilong. Their emphasis was graphics cards and motherboards and by 1987 they were already taking a leading edge in the industry through their production of the first overclocking motherboard. This meant that their hardware was able to make a computer (or another device) work faster than the specifications provided by the device manufacturer.

Clearly, this was something to be desired, and the firm expanded rapidly after that. In fact, in less than ten years it had become strong enough to transition into a publicly held company and it offered its first IPO on the Taipei Stock Exchange as early as 1998.

Since then, the firm has taken the lead in innovation and has subsequently introduced a staggering array of high tech products that are often the "first" of their kind. For example, in 1998 they released the first Socket 7 motherboard, in 2002 they offered the first PC2PC Bluetooth and WLAN motherboard (illustrating a clear vision of where things were headed), and in 2006 they created the first solar powered notebook.

Their Products

Today, they remain at the top of the list of industry innovators and their product lineup includes:


Graphics Cards


Mobile Workstations

All in One PCs


Desktop Computers


Multimedia Tools

IPC and CE Devices

MSI is also considered a leading name in the world of gaming because of its advancements in this arena too. The company consistently wins design awards relating to gaming. The company is also involved heaviy in "infotainment" systems. These appear in public transportation systems and in 2013, MSI won the the Best Choice award for their latest infotainment products.

A Thinking Company

In addition to being so firmly committed to intelligent product design that thinks far ahead of consumer and business needs, MSI has a broad ranging corporate responsibility initiative. They are firmly dedicated to their environmental policies and programs. Not only are their products streamlining the ways that technology accesses resources such as electricity, but the firm also has a "beautiful life and green homeland" initiative too. This guarantees that they purchase materials responsibly, operate eco-friendly production facilities, and generally work to address challenges in their production process.

Based in Taiwan, MSI also branched out to mainland China for production and distribution. It has since developed a lengthy policy around the environment, social health, and public welfare in all areas in which it operates. This sets out their detailed program for maintaining a green policy at every level, monitoring the company's impact on the environment, and even tracking the overall energy conservation.

Commitment to advanced thinking has been a hallmark of MSI since it first began. This mission has allowed the firm to grow and to gain recognition throughout the entire IT industry. As a leading maker of components and systems, MSI continues to use forward thinking to remain versatile and at the top of their game.

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