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Though we might take sonar and GPS for granted, it was not all that long ago when we had no tools of this kind. Whether for traveling, military purposes, or activities like hiking or fishing - if you needed something like sonar, it just wasn"t available. However, all of that has rapidly changed and it is common place for people to purchase devices with these complex capabilities at any time.

One group, in particular, relies on the many benefits that come from sonar, and that group is fishing enthusiasts. They use the sonar and GPS devices to locate clusters of fish and to reduce the amount of time they spend hoping for a big one and instead heading right to the largest group of fish possible.

None of that would be possible, however, had it not been for Carl Lowrance who decided, back in 1957, to take some information his two sons had gathered and turn it into the ultimate fishing resource. Here"s what happened: The Lowrance family enjoyed fishing, and the two boys in the family - Darrell and Arlen - loved to go diving in fresh water. During these diving experiences, the boys learned that fish didn"t meander individually but were most often to be found in clusters or schools, and often in very specific types of settings.

The two boys discussed this with their father, and the three decided to create a device that would allow fishing enthusiasts to quickly and easily find these schools of fish in order to enjoy actually catching fish rather than just looking for them. This resulted in the world"s first "high frequency transistorized sonar". Introduced as the "Little Green Box" it was actually the very first consumer sonar device. Selling for less than $150 at a time when comparable gear sold in the thousands of dollars, it was an almost instant success and sold more than a million units by the mid-1980s.

What this device did was simple - it helped fishing enthusiasts to discover where the best fishing spots might be. However, it also let the Lowrance family recognize that there was a need for more advanced and alternative marine electronics.

For example, after the 1950s, boats were getting larger and faster. This meant that the products made available by Lowrance would have to be improved to keep up with challenges. This explains the introduction of new transducers, Gimbal mount sonar, graph recorders, depth finders, and more.

This led to Lowrance being the first with a liquid crystal display, the first sonar units with "menus", the first GPS receivers, and the first LCD product with sonar and GPS. The company also released the first hand held GPS, mapping products, combination units, and more.

It is little wonder that by 2006 the company had attracted a lot of attention and a loyal customer following. It also grabbed the attention of potential buyers, and it was in that year that Simrad Yachting purchased the Lowrance firm and created Navico - among the world"s largest marine electronics makers.

Since then, the Lowrance brand has remained as innovative as ever and continuing to offer the most cutting edge technologies as they become available. Today, the firm admits to offering the most complete array of devices for boating, outdoor, and fishing enthusiasts.

The Products of Lowrance

From that little green box, the company"s offerings have grown exponentially, and today their lineup includes:


Broadband Radar



Auto Steering

Wireless apps




Sonar Modules


Engine/NMEA 2000 Products

They currently produce the following "series" of products:

HDS Gen2 Touch


Insight HD & PRO

Outboard Pilot

HDS Gen2


Insight Genesis


What to Expect

With a solid commitment to innovation and quality, it is not surprising that the company makes simple software updates readily available online. The products also come with solid warrantees that are supported at the local basis. With a presence in Australia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the Lowrance firm has gone to great lengths to stand behind its top quality products.

For decades, Lowrance has been focused on providing solutions to those who spend time outdoors doing what they love. Because these products were created by outdoor enthusiasts they can be depended on to deliver the best results.

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