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Have you looked at the prices of the best DSLR cameras these days? If so, you will not be surprised to read that most experts invest in top of the line camera bags to protect their costly gear. If you haven't looked at the prices on the best DSLR camera bodies and lenses, it might shock you to discover that some of the top names ask for thousands of dollars just for the basic body, and without any lenses thrown in for good measure.

This explains why so many people who have invested in good digital cameras (or even those still using film cameras) also want access to durable and well made camera bags.

After all, you might argue that a sturdy backpack could reasonably provide adequate protection to camera gear, but then again, it could allow lenses to bounce around against the camera body. Improperly storing and carrying your camera gear could also allow such destructive things as dirt, water, and debris to get into contact with the camera, too.

Whether you are a professional or not, and whether you bring your camera along on outdoor expeditions or not, it makes sense to invest in the most protective and durable gear bags available. And this is where Lowepro enters the equation.

Best Solutions Come From Need

It was back in the 1960s when three brothers - Jeff, Greg, and Mike Lowe - decided to begin making outdoor equipment. They were active men who enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors and who had already developed a successful company supplying outdoor gear to enthusiasts. Their Lowe Alpine Systems company became the prime platform for releasing their carefully designed camera bags to customers who were in need of good solutions.

After all, even in the 1960s, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts were lugging around their 35mm cameras as they climbed mountains, went skiing or surfing, and generally enjoyed all kinds of activities in nature. This meant that most needed bags that could help to protect the gear in any conditions.

The company had already created one of the first internal frame backpacks, and so they incorporated this technology into their camera bag designs. And by 1972, the company was able to release its first Lowepro bag designed specifically for photographic equipment.

Their products were such a success that by 1981 buyers were making offers for the firm. The DayMen Photo Marketing company was given the rights to make the bags in Canada, and within the next few years the DayMen group bought the Lowepro division outright.

Beyond Basics

Though the name Lowepro automatically translates to high quality camera bags, the firm also has professional gear bags too. Their current lineup includes:

Camera Bags - The range of bags includes shoulder bags, sling bags, rolling cases, top-loading and belt-pack bags, duffel bags, backpacks, modular, and cases.

Pro Gear - Described as professional camera bags for photographers in need of premium features, they include both urban and outdoor designs.

Camera Messenger Bags

Camera Rolling Bags

Interestingly enough, the company also makes bags specifically for camera styles. For example, there are bags that are DSLR specific as well as bags that are made for mirrorless cameras (compacts) and for video gear.

The Lowepro company relies strongly on customer feedback and communications to continually design bags that are ever more suited to the needs of photographers of all kinds.

However, they also accept that even their high quality design and manufacturing cannot guarantee that a bag can live up to all of the challenges. Because of this they offer a lifetime warranty on any of the bags they create. Regardless of whether it was a materials failure or a defect in workmanship that led to a problem, the warranty will replace and repair any bags that do not meet the Lowepro promises.

With over forty years of bag design under their collective belts, the experts at Lowepro can provide a photographic carrying solution for anyone. They rely on feedback and input from photographers and bag owners to create workable and functional designs. If you have invested in costly photographic gear, turn to the Lowepro bags to protect and tote that gear with you wherever you go.

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