Loris Azzaro Chrome EDT 125ml Reviews

Loris Azzaro Chrome EDT 125ml
$68.64 from Pharmacy Direct
Manufacturer: Loris Azzaro
User Reviews: 

Huge, but not worth it

Verdict: First of all, I bought the wrong one. I meant to buy Pure. It still smelled nice. But it didn't make my knees all wobbly, like a baby learning to walk, like Pure did. Whew, ladies let me tell ya! Second, the bottle is VERY big. But in a strange way. Third, it seemed watered down.

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1 month ago

Hands down The best

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Sexy
Verdict: My husband loves this perfume! And I have to say it definitely drives me insane. No way to discribe the smell it's very classy but not over powering and definitely can use on a regular signature scent ??

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1 month ago

I WOULD BUY any Chrome product if it were available at Ulta.

Pros: 2 men in their 20s&30s have worn it for 10 yrs, Absorbs Quickly, Alleviates Redness, Clean Feel, Clean Scent, Moisturizes Skin, Relieves Skin
Verdict: Compliments from friends and strangers.

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1 month ago

Chrome is one of my favorite colognes that I need to have...

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Sexy
Cons: No complaints
Verdict: From the first time I tried chrome I really liked the scent and it is the kind of Cologne I must have all the time to use as I please for all occasions.

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5 months ago

Great summer perfume and good for all occasions

Verdict: I found this perfume to be plenty powerful but in a good way. Most of my friends (girls) cant get enough of it and I get lots of good compliments. It certainly has crisp citrus hints that go with any casual outing or even a party wear for one for that matter.
5 months ago

A soothing fragrance is worn daily

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Sexy
Verdict: A soothing fragrance is worn daily, whether in the office or in the fun. I'll look for it again when it's running out of this fragrance.

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6 months ago

Azzaro is Tops!!!

Verdict: I give my guy Azzaro Aftershave for every occasion. He likes it, but I love it....not overpowering.

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1 year ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Vaule for money ...great

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1 year ago

Very nice long lasting

Verdict: I bought this for my husband he is very happy with this perfume. But delivery did not come to house and online was not showing tracking info then I have to go to post office .
1 year ago

Worth every penny!

Verdict: It's a superb product from the house of azzaro. Bought it for my husband..and he loved it completely.The fragrance is long lasting and refreshing. It is a subtle mix of CK one and Davidoff cool water.. A must have fragrance.
2 years ago
Verdict: Chrome cologne is what the women will go crazy over! My husband wears it and every one of our female friends who hug him say how great he smells. It is a sexy smelling cologne that I just love to surprise him with...he is so happy when he gets the 'treat' in the mail. P.S.
3 years ago

Gorgeous scent//

Pros: Alluring, Clean & Fresh, Great Price, Great Smell, Long Lasting
Verdict: I got my parcel in record time.so quick for overseas..delighted with all my items..
4 years ago
Fragrance Direct

Loris Azzaro Azzaro

Verdict: Was a massive fan of Aramis Tuscany,then I discovered this stuff,it's about a third of the price,and to my mind it's better,it's staying power is far better than Tuscany...

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4 years ago

found what I've been looking for ages (I think)

Verdict: Chrome (Eau De Toilette Spray) for men is an amazing product . Eau De Toilette Spray is 100 ml in size. I've used few different types over the years & had been looking for cool citrus fragrance which last a more then few minutes!!!.
4 years ago

Chrome by Azzaro

Verdict: Lemon, Rosemary, Pineapple, Bergamot, Neroli. Coriander, Jasmine, Cyclamen, Oakmoss. Cedar, Tonka Bean, Musk, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Rosewood. I suppose the most interesting aspect of wearing Azzaro Chrome ( for me ) has been the interplay between the herbal and marine elements.
5 years ago

Best cologne ever!

Pros: Easy To Apply, Long Lasting, Not Too Strong, Smells amazing
Cons: Nothing
Verdict: I purchased this for my boyfriend and couldn't be happier. I smelled this scent one day strolling around the mall and have fallen in love with it. My boyfriend doesn't wear any other cologne except this one!

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5 years ago
Verdict: The cologne arrived quickly, and it smells great! I recommend it to any guy who wants to smell good for the special lady in his life. This by far one of the best smelling colognes I've ever smelled.

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5 years ago

Smells Amazing

Verdict: It is such an amazing cologne. It makes my heart race every time I smell it.

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5 years ago


Verdict: very fresh
7 years ago
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