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What is the name of the world's largest personal computer vendor by unit sales? Can you guess? If you said Lenovo, you would be correct. In 2013 this Chinese multinational company took the lead in the personal computer market. It is also the fourth biggest smartphone producer, too.

Many in the business world feel that Lenovo was able to achieve such tremendous accomplishments because of its long experience in the creation of personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other computer related gear.

Started in 1984 in Beijing, China, the company has expanded into more than 60 different countries and sells it goods all over the world. It is responsible for the popular "ThinkPad" notebook computers and consistently rates as a "best in class" for its different computers.

Interestingly enough, it did not come into its present form until 2004, and the company credits its success not with long experience but with a savvy perspective. The company reports that it has "grown faster than the market...because our exceptionally engineered products are meant for those who do. Our customers use innovation to bring progress to the world...Our technology helps those who do, do better" (Lenovo, 2014)

Naturally, a lot of their growth also came from their intelligent pattern of mergers and acquisitions. They acquired the IBM personal computer business in 2005, created a joint venture with NEC in 2011, purchased Medion (a German electronics manufacturer) in 2011, acquired CCE in 2012, and bought the software firm Stoneware in 2012, as well. The company also bought Motorola Mobility from Google in early 2014 and bumped up the prestige of its smartphone division.

It has also invested wisely and put funding into the Nok Nok Labs that are working on premium security functions for electronics (hoping to eliminate any use of passwords and going strictly to fingerprint or voice recognition).

Between 2005 and the present, Lenovo has expanded and acquired some of the top technology firms. This has positioned it for tremendous market strength, which was realized almost immediately in 2013.

What to Expect from Lenovo

Of course, this all translates to one word: innovation. Lenovo has made a point of innovating and discovering at a breakneck pace. This is to ensure that their product lineup keeps up with consumer and business demands or needs.

Today, the company's product lineup includes

* Work Stations

* Servers

* Storage

* Laptops

* Desktops (and All In Ones)

* Tablets

Each of the latest models and releases will be the result of research and development based on market needs. This is something that Lenovo really relies on, and is seen in their company's cultural model.

The Lenovo Culture

The company refers to its culture as the Lenovo Way, and it places a lot of attention and energy on their "five Ps", which are to plan, perform, prioritize, practice, and pioneer. This is the model around which each workday is built, and it shows in the company's impressive performance. Their dedication to a successful model is also easily seen in their comprehensive product offering.

For example, the company currently has their ThinkPad computers in many price points and models; they offer the "series" laptops such as the Y, Yoga, Z, Flex, U, G, and S; their range of tablets is equally extensive with dozens available; they extend options for their ThinkCentre desktops in dozens of styles; and they have Workstations; Servers & Storage; and Accessories.

The ThinkPads alone are among some of the most progressive items in the lineup. Though they were originally an IBM product, Lenovo has really put a spotlight on them and built upon the laptops by offering them as tablets in many different styles. The company has also expanded on the ThinkCentre and their ThinkServer lines, all acquired from IBM, as well.

Lenovo looks at the entire computer and electronics market and develops items ideally suited to both business and consumers. They make reliable and innovative goods at all price points, as well, and continue to explore and advance technologies as they appear.

Already winning industry recognition, as well as consumer preferences, the Lenovo brand is one to explore when in need of the latest in electronics that include everything from tablets and smartphones to televisions and servers.


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