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Why is it that so many of the best computer and computer peripheral stories begin a garage? HP, Apple, and Dell all began in cramped rooms or garages, and then took off rapidly from these humble spaces. The same could be said of the Laser brand.

Like so many other tech firms, it started in an Australian garage in 1987, and specialized in creating disks and storage cases. That single, simple computer essential has taken Laser a long way, and today it is "one of Australia"s fastest growing and most trusted consumer IT and consumer electronics solutions providers" (, 2014)

Perhaps the success can be attributed to two things: offering only quality products and focusing on "bespoke" or made to order solutions. In other words, the firm has its own line of high quality products made in response to obvious consumer interest and demand. But it also has a "Private Label" division that provides clients with access to Laser"s top of the line R&D and team of quality production partners.

Their global partners offer top of the line manufacturing facilities in China and Hong Kong. Their brands include Laser, Naum8, Navig[8]r, and Precision Gaming Accessories as well. This is why they can easily say that they don"t just work to supply the consumer market, but they also help clients to create and launch their own products and beat the competition.

A Team Effort

Currently, Laser offers a range of products in thirteen separate categories and numbering more than 500 individual products. They have:

* Multimedia eBook readers - Each is DRM capable but also able to run all of the different streaming media that top of the line eBook devices make available. They have four models (the EB7C, EB850, EB720, and EB870). They also produce an array of accessories for their eBook readers.

* Navig8r Sports Cam - This is a series of high quality sports cameras that can mount to helmets or sports gear and capture all kinds of activities. They feature high quality sound recording devices, waterproofing, rechargeable batteries, plug and play capability, and much more. The current range includes Mini, the 720, the 1080, and the Pro. There are also many accessories available and a range of sports watches with some of the same features.

* Crash Cams - Another Navig8R product, these are award winning units that come with a tremendous list of features and functions, and which include the FullHD 1080, FullHD Extra Wide Angle, FullHD with GPS, and the FullHD Pro.

* Tablets - The Laser eTouch tablets are MIDs or mobile Internet devices that function like a standard tablet but which come with a long list of feature that make them an ideal tool for business professionals, individuals, and even suitable for kids. The Laser units are packed with software including an exclusive Navig8r map package. The current lineup of models features the MID740, MID741, MID742, and the MID1040. There is also a long list of accessories that the firm makes available for their proprietary units and bundled packages.

Not Just a Direct to Consumer Firm

However, clients can also partner with Laser to create any products needed. They also receive their goods "retail ready" or "channel ready" and can count on the firm from product design to packaging for sale. The emphasis is on complete solutions that work from beginning to end.

The company can do this because they have more than two decades of experience in computers and electronics. Their emphasis is on personal and entertainment functions and features, and they have partnered with such firms as Symantec, Quickflix, and Navteq to be sure that the items they create are going to meet consumer needs.

Rather than outsourcing any facet of the process, Laser specializes in doing its own research, development, design, and service. All of this is adequately summarized in the company"s list of values, which they call the Laser Difference.

They express a desire and willingness to embrace change, to behave decisively and with agility to respond to consumer needs. They are curious and innovative. They listen and deliver to customer needs, and they only seek solutions.

They have been seeking and finding them for many years, and it is clear that Laser is a brand to trust in small electronics and custom computing solutions.

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