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There are the standard cosmetics we find at pharmacies and in the health and beauty aisle of many stores, and then there are the finer labels that we have to seek out in upscale department stores and specialty shops. The differences between these two types of cosmetics are substantial, and even within the higher quality names there are further distinctions. Among the most reputable and luxurious of these top of the line, specialty brands is Lancome.

Known for its perfumes as much as for its cosmetics and skin care products, Lancome has long held a strong position in the overall beauty industry. Today it is known for producing effective skin care products as well as popular scents and makeup, but it began with only a few products and grew rapidly into the global phenomenon it is today.

The History of Lancome

Relatively young in the world of luxury beauty and fragrance, Lancome was started in France in 1935. Founder Armand Petitjean originally created a fragrance company, but within a single year had also added one "repair cream" product to the company"s line.

Many attribute the almost instant success of the firm to the fact that it premiered at the 1935 World"s Fair in Brussels Belgium. At that time the company had five unique fragrances, and it immediately garnered global attention.

Its explosive start was tempered by the firm"s savvy expansion into makeup and cosmetics following that first "all purpose" skin care product. By 1964, however, the brand had gained such prestige that it was acquired by L"Oreal (another French maker of luxury cosmetics and skin care), and has since been part of this larger corporation.

However, while L"Oreal made the shift to supermarket and pharmacy shelves, Lancome has held steadfast as a luxury brand. It has done so, in part, through a long line of celebrity spokespersons who serve as the "face" of Lancome. Beginning in the 1970s with one of the world"s first supermodels (Carol Alt), Lancome has since hired such famous names as Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, and even actor Clive Owen to endorse their different skincare, perfume, and makeup lines.

Maintaining Their Edge

To remain a standalone name in the highly competitive world of beauty products, Lancome has wisely worked with some of the most reputable perfumers and makeup artists to design and create products that uphold their commitment to beauty and glamour. In fact, the firm strives to fortify its reputation as a skincare and makeup authority through ongoing innovation. They don"t "merely keep pace" but instead combine science and creativity to take their offerings to the next and newest levels.

This is easily seen in such choices as Lancome"s use of makeup artists to help them design special collections and products. For instance, YouTube sensation Michelle Phan was hired by Lancome to help produce instructional videos. Makeup artists Fred Farrugia designed thirteen custom Lancome colors during his time as a director with the firm.

Lancome is also known for its LR 2412 ingredient, which is patented and distinguished for its abilities to help even skin tone, reduce pore size, and generally improve skin texture. With additional ability to reduce the look of blemishes and sun spots, this ingredient can be made in varying shades and can adjust to most skin tones.


Lancome"s "Hypnose" mascara is also a beauty industry standard and a product that has long been recognized for being able to meet all of the company"s claims. Thus, Lancome is known as the choice for women and men who appreciate luxury and elegance, but who also want scientifically proven results.

Other top selling products under the Lancome label include:

L"Absolu Lipstick

Tresor perfume

Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Definicils mascara

However, their product line includes:




Bridal products

Maison Lancome

The brand is available in more than 160 countries around the world as well as being available through many upscale online retailers, and through the Lancome site itself. The firm continually makes special offers and elegant "gifts" available to frequent buyers.

The formal mission of Lancome is provide superior products and services that demonstrate the company"s dedication and ongoing quest for true beauty. Their development of new and innovative products is meant to illustrate the firm"s enthusiasm towards beauty as well, and this is what informs their choices in product development, spokespersons, and partnerships with new designers and artisans.

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