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During the 1980s a lot of savvy companies recognized the growing trend in computer technologies, but none of them could know whether it was to be the Mac or the PC computers that would dominate the future. As we know now, it is something like a 50/50 venture with a lot of people saying they are Mac devotees and a lot saying they are purely PC users.

Interestingly enough, there is still a bit of a divide with some computer users, and there are many who say that the Mac computers are the preferred choice for designers, artists, and other groups. Whether or not this is the case, many of the early Mac users selected gear based on both function and style. This is how the firm known as LaCie developed its initial target market, and it was the first to win an industrial design award for the look and performance of a freestanding hard drive.

In those early days a lot of computer firms sought to provide solutions for their preferred brand, and then discovered that they were able to rapidly expand outside of that niche over time based purely on the function (rather than the looks) of the product. One such firm was LaCie, and it has seemed to master the art of adapting to market demands.

Perhaps its success is due to the fact that it is the product of two early computer firms, that both placed value on product design, and which also moved from the Mac-exclusive SCSI interface to both Mac and PC standards early in the game.

The Evolution of LaCie

Both began as IT storage solutions providers, and designed external units to plug into any computer to use effectively for content and even software. The original companies were electronique d2 and LaCie, respectively. One was in Paris and the other Portland, OR.

Between the years 1987 and 1995 both firms grew and changed according to market demands, and it was in 1995 when electronique d2 acquired LaCie and kept the LaCie name for the new firm. This purchase provide the company with a strong presence in the U.S. and Europe.

Though it had offices in Europe and the UK, the firm relocated to Portland, OR and began acquiring other companies with essential technologies. LaCie was also busy establishing subsidiaries in areas such as Australia and Japan. In 2009, the firm acquired Caliedo in order to access the Wuala cloud storage product.

LaCie at Present

Today, LaCie has become a leading provider of storage, accessories, software, cloud storage, and after sales services. It has still kept itself aligned with good design. The firm has this to say about design: we have a long tradition of expecting the best from our designers. "With our hard drives, you're not just getting a storage solution, you're buying a piece of art." (, 2014)

It is a company that has a hefty list of awards to demonstrate its commitment to quality design and function. In the past few years alone it has taken MacWorld Editor's Choice awards, Win Mag Pro awards, and iF Product Design awards, among others.

Naturally, it is nice to own an attractive external hard drive, but LaCie innovates big memory, too. Consider some of the latest product releases:

* The fastest dual-disk RAID solution

* The most rugged hard drive, the Thunderbolt

* A 2TB wireless hard drive for iPads

* The Little Big Disk, the world's fasted external storage device

* The world's first 5TB external hard drive

This "first to market" trend doesn't come with a shortage on quality. Though LaCie has been capable of delivering top of the line quality before its competitors, it consistently ranks high in overall performance of this new-to-market technology.

In fact, it is company policy to be so aggressive. As their Chairman recently indicated: "This 'finance IS logistics' organizational method gives us a chance to sell the most in-demand products at the lowest cost without compromising on quality or service." (LaCie, 2014)

No compromise on quality is exactly what a consumer or business needs to hear when exploring options for storage or memory solutions. LaCie has delivered this sort of quality since its earliest days and will continue to do so into the future.

NOTE: The firm was acquired by Seagate early in 2014, but no alterations have been made to the business model or company initiatives.

Resources Chairman's Message. 2014.

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