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Label & Receipt Printers Buying Guide

Every business needs a reliable and fast label and receipt printer but there are other features to look out for too.

How Fast Do You Need?

You can pay more for an ultra-fast printer, and this is something to consider if you have queues of customers. But a cheaper, less speedy printer is still fast enough if you're dealing with the occasional client.

Reliability Is Key

A printer that keeps going and going and going is vital in any business, particularly if you're printing off dozens of labels for a promotion, or something similar. Of course, the more you invest, the more reliability you can expect, but also seek out brands that offer fast back-up service and decent warranties.

Print From Different Sources

The ability to print from sources as diverse as Excel, Outlook or Word is increasingly important, especially in larger businesses, and this feature is now becoming more widely available. Enhanced connectivity also opens up the range of sources to print from. 

Printing On The Move

The ability to use your printer in more than one place is also dependent on a high level of connectivity, so check out printers where this feature has been given prominence. Battery performance is another big consideration when using mobile printers.


Money-Saving Printing

Ask about thermal direct printing technology which will save you big money on ink. Most modern printers now use this technology but it always pays to check.

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