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A leading manufacturer in the Chinese television market, Konka is actually a global leader in consumer electronics, as well. Established in 1980 as the first ever Sino-foreign joint venture, the firm was created to create everything from home appliances and electronics to portable communications devices and more. Today it is viewed as a high quality maker of set top boxes for satellite services, televisions, and major appliances. It is known for providing "spectacular entertainment" experiences to millions, and it has a position in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Konka Globally

It is not inaccurate to describe Konka's products as having worldwide distribution and the list of countries in which Konka products maintain a strong presence includes:

United States







Central Asia


Essentially, the company functions in 108 countries and has more than 100 million consumer customers. The primary products are televisions and mobile phones, with roughly 80% of their revenue coming from color television products alone.

Cutting Edge Commitment

To maintain a leading market edge in televisions and home entertainment, Konka has committed itself to a three-prong approach to R&D or research and development. They have their own research institute, their proprietary R&D Centre and their professional design studios. These three channels keep close tabs on leading technologies emerging from America's "Silicon Valley" and integrate the latest developments as they are released.

This is why Konka can realistically claim to be leading a persistent consumer entertainment upgrade with each new product or update. They also developed strategic partnerships with some of the best electronics retailers in the world. They currently have TESCO, BEST BUY, TOSHIBA, Auchan, Ingram Micro, WalMart and many other familiar retail outlets as major distribution channels.

The quality of their output is also guaranteed through savvy partnership with top quality suppliers, too. They currently work with Philips, HITACHI, Samsung, CPT, CMO, Panasonic, and Sanyo, among many more.

Popular Brand with a Quality Reputation

Konka is a widely known and popular brand in television and set top boxes. Because of this, in 2009 the firm was able to open China's largest manufacturing plant, the Konka Kunshan LCM factory that supplies roughly 10,000 sets each day. An investment in Optoelectronics also ensured that Konka was a key player in the world's LED market. This investment has enabled them to take a strong position in the LCD TV market, too.

Konka's commitment to quality enabled them to become the first company in the Chinese home appliances industry to garner both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. This proves that they adhere closely to the use of fine materials and testing that results to the best products possible.

Even with this commitment to quality, Konka recognizes that post-purchase service may be required. Even here they have directed a lot of energy and enterprise. The firm has worked hard to create a strong marketing network at a local level in each market segment around the world, and this includes localized service systems.

Product Lineup

As indicated, Konka's focus is television and home appliances. Their current array of products includes:

TVs - UHD TVs, LED TVs, and Smart TVs. Their latest generation televisions include their 780-782 UHD sets; their 712-718 Smart TVs; and their 301, 360, 611, 615a, 616, 618, 627, and 715 series.

Refrigerators - Combi Defrost models, Single Door Larder models, Vertical Freezer series, No Frost models, Chest Freezer models, Top Freezer units, and Show Case refrigerators.

Washing Machines - Single Tub, Twin Tub, Top Loading, and Front Loading machines.

CSR and Konka

As such a major and massive operation, Konka is committed to corporate social responsibility or CSR initiatives. These include their long term mission of building a world class Chinese enterprise that produces only the most trustworthy products. Their overall brand concept is to create well-designed products with some of the longest life cycles possible. This provides environmental protection while supplying consumers with value added experiences.

Since the 1980s the Konka brand has been creating top of the line consumer goods. They are now a global brand with plans to grow their reputation while continuing to deliver world class merchandise and superior customer service.

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