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Japanese manufacturer Kenwood has been creating many different types of popular audio equipment and amateur radio equipment for more than fifty years now. The brand is one of the first ones that people consider when they think about audio for their home. The company has grown substantially since their early beginnings.

The History of Kenwood

Kenwood Corporation is behind the design, development and marketing of many different types of audio products today. They offer products for vehicles, as well as for home and personal audio and two-way radios. They also provide a range of amateur radio equipment for HAM operators.

The company started in 1946 under the name Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. in Japan. They renamed the company the Trio Corporation in 1960, and they opened up their first overseas office in Los Angeles just three years later. During the early years, they were creating a number of different products, including a 23-channel CB radio. The products that they were selling at this time actually were going through the Lafayette Radio Company and were being rebranded in the United States with the Lafayette and RadioShack brands.

At this time, William Kasuga worked with a trading company that wanted to import more Japanese made electronics into the United States. Speaking both English and Japanese gave Kasuga an advantage when it came to working as an importer. He became partners with George Aratani and Yoichi Nakase to create a company in the United States that would be the exclusive importer of items from Trio Corporation. The result was a company they decided to call Kenwood.

The name and the branding behind it proved to be as big of a hit as the products they were importing. In fact, the brand power soon surpassed that of Trio Corporation, and the company decided that it would be a smart move for them to rename themselves Kenwood Corporation. They kept this name for decades, and then formed a new company when they merged with JVC in 2008. Today, the company behind the products is JVC Kenwood.

Popular Types of Products from Kenwood

One of the reasons that Kenwood items became so popular was the quality of the products. The company offered quality in all of their different product lines, from their transceivers to their hi-fi systems. This gave them a share of the market in a variety of different areas in audio.

HAM radio operators have been enjoying the radios and transceivers from the company for many years. The company has offered portable radio models for amateurs, VHF and UHF models, and some models that include digital data modes that are built into them. One of their most popular options is the TS series.

The company is also well known for their hi-fi systems. They began making integrated amplifier power amps in the late ?0s through the mid-?0s. Their KV and NA series of hi-fi systems were very popular, and the company continues to create quality systems and technology for the home.

Perhaps the items from Kenwood that are the most popular, and the most well known today, are the automobile products. They feature many different product types and styles. They offer a range of in-dash stereo receivers, as well as speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Kenwood also has in-dash DVD receivers and even marine audio for those who want to have some quality audio on their boats.

One of the other products they've been working with over the past few years is their navigation systems that go right into the dash. They offer simple to use, hands free navigation systems, such as their DNN770HD. It provides access to Internet radio and entertainment, social media options, travel tools, and text to speech capabilities so users can operate it without their hands.

The Staying Power of the Brand

When many people think about audio systems today, particularly about car audio, they think of Kenwood. In fact, JVC and Kenwood are two of the top options for car audio. The brand has been associated with audio for so many years that it is now truly synonymous with quality. They have a great reputation of providing excellent products, and the staying power of the brand is proof of this.


Most Popular Kenwood Products

Kenwood KVC3100
Die cast metal, 1000 W, 4.6 L
★★★★★ 4.9
11 Reviews
Kenwood KMX760
Metal, 1000 W, 5 L
★★★★ 4.4
8 Reviews
Kenwood KMX754
Metal, 1000 W, 6, 5 L
★★★★ 3.9
7 Reviews
Kenwood HDP306
Hand blender
★★★★ 4.0
9 Reviews
★★★★★ 5.0
1 Review
Kenwood KVC5100T
Die cast aluminium, 1200 W, 4.6 L
★★★★★ 4.8
8 Reviews
Kenwood KWL90004SI
Die cast metal, 1400 W
★★★★ 4.0
7 Reviews
★★★★★ 5.0
5 Reviews

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