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Kent International is a bike company in the United States that distributed bicycles and bicycle accessories all around the world. The current company headquarters is in Parsippany, NJ. The products the company imports are from Portugal, Taiwan, and China. Most people who have an interest in bikes, even a passing interest, have heard of this brand before. The company has been involved in the business of bicycles for far longer than most imagine.

The History of Kent

Kent is a family owned company that has been around since the early 1900s. The original founder started working in a small bike shop in New York. The founder started in the business by restoring old bike frames. This developed a love for cycling, and he actually opened up his own bike shop in 1909. The first shop proved to be successful, and this led to the opening of yet another shop, a larger one, in New Jersey. In 1947, the founder"s son opened up a bike shop called Philkam Cycle, which supplied bikes and parts for bikes to stores in the eastern part of the country. This also proved to be very successful, and they finally changed their name to Kent International in 1958.

Currently, they are the second largest supplier in the United States, and they are continually finding ways to expand their business and to continue to grow. They have more buying power today, and that means they are able to offer better deals, all of which they hope will increase interest in bikes, as well as their overall profits.

Kent states that one of their primary goals is to "get you where you want to go - and to get you there safely". In order to do this, they make sure that they only use and offer the best parts when they are creating their bikes. They put their customer"s happiness and safety first. They supply bikes and parts to adults and children in more than 20 countries around the world today.

The company, still owned by the same family, has a true passion for bikes and that shows through in everything that they do. They have a wide range of different products, all of which have a great reputation for being high quality. They make products for a range of different purposes - from commuting and exercising to having fun.

What Do The Sell Today?

Today, Kent International markets a variety of bikes, including a number of licensed brands. They have licenses with Jeep and with GMC, and they make mountain bikes and hybrid bikes for these brands. They also make mountain bikes for children under the Razor brand, and Little Miss Match bikes especially for girls. They also have helmets that are a part of this license. Until the license expired, they also made bikes with Cadillac branding.

Of course, they also have their own lines of Kent brand bikes. These run the gamut for adults and children. They make adult bikes for cruising, as well as all-terrain bikes. They make scooters as well. In addition, they have offered a number of different specialty bikes, such as folders, adult tricycles, and tandem bikes. These are just a few of the different types and styles of bikes they offer. Through retailers and their sites, buyers are able to find a range of different bikes to fit nearly any need imaginable.

The Staying Power of the Brand

Kent has always been a popular brand in the field of bikes. Those who know bikes know that the brand is able to offer quality. They also know that they can trust that the bikes will last as long as they take care of them. This brand recognition extends even to those who do not know much about bikes, and that is one of the things that really helps them with sales and first time customers.

The quality of their products, their customer service, and the variety of the products are all some of the reasons that people love Kent. They have been in the business for well over a hundred years now, and they truly know and care about bikes. This history, coupled with the products, help make Kent a brand that has staying power.


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