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Computer security is not limited strictly to software, and for more than 30 years Kensington has been the industry leader in hardware protection. Known as both the inventor and global leader in laptop security locks, they have also created some of the finest productivity solutions available.

Kensington's Story

Though many believe the company's history begins with the Kensington Security Slot, which still appears in more than 90% of the world's laptops, monitors, projectors, TVs, and printers, that is not the case. Prior to their hardware design, they had created and released one of the first power surge and overheating solutions, the System Saver. Designed specifically for Apple II, the product was an innovation that set the stage for many later designs.

Naturally, as changes in the computer and mobile device industries occurred, Kensington's product lines evolved in response to them. Today, the company's motto is "smart. safe. simple" and they uphold it through the creation of user-oriented products, risk free designs, and easy to use, intuitive products that all come together to allow optimal productivity while ensuring the utmost security or protection.

The company's many products have garnered them industry recognition and awards, including Red Dot Awards and CES Design Innovation honours. Also appearing frequently on industry editors' "best" or "top" lists, the company has demonstrated a rare ability to lead the way in all of the categories in which it operates.

The Kensington Products

Their range of products is extensive, and they have a diversity of productivity and security solutions in the following categories:

  • Security - Considered to be the inventors, rather than the imitators, of this concept, the Kensington line currently features Kensington Locks, Tablet Security, and Lock Anchor Points & Accessories
  • Tablet and Smartphone Cases - The rapid fire changes in tablets, which can now serve as an entirely adequate substitute for a laptop has allowed Kensington to create a long list of unique solutions for both tablets and highly functional mobile devices. Their product line in this category includes Keyboard Cases, Rugged Cases, Folios and Covers
  • Laptop Docs, USB Hubs and Accessories
  • Tablet & Chromebook Charging Stations
  • Power - Knowing that productivity and protection are ultimately based on good power management, Kensington has long focused on the issue of power management and controls. Security, their products prove, also means stability within the hardware itself. To meet these needs, the firm makes Laptop Power Chargers, Tablet & Smartphone Charges, Surge Protection & Power Strips, and Car Mounts & Power Accessories
  • Control - To ensure optimal productivity it takes premium tools for controlling the functions of the computer, tablet or device. As an industry leader, Kensington pioneered the "Trackball" concept and remains the top producer. Their control products include Wireless Presentation Remotes, Trackballs, Mice, Keyboards, and Stylus products
  • Lifestyle Protection - Though they do not have products for all mobile brands, they do make some remarkably innovative and useful solutions that help users to locate lost devices. For example, their Proximo system works with iPhone, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note 3 devices and allows up to four tags to be connected to additional devices, maximizing the usage of the system. They also make their EVAP rescue pouch that can be put to use when the inevitable occurs. This product is a fast and effective system for drying out a phone when it has been submerged or exposed to water, and is superior to any other method of phone "rescue".
  • Bags
  • Ergonomics - Productivity and security can also mean protecting your good health and feeling comfortable during long work hours. To help their buyers combat fatigue and body strain, Kensington has also innovated a fantastic range of ergonomic products to use in the office, at home or on the road. These include Foot, Back & Seat Rests, Laptop Risers & Monitor Stands, Antiglare & Privacy Filters, Keyboard Drawers, Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests, and Copyholders.

For more than three decades, the name Kensington has been synonymous with security. Over time it has also come to mean productivity and smart solutions. If you are at all worried about your computers, tablets, or mobile devices in the consumer or business setting, turn to the long list of Kensington products for workable and effective solutions.

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