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A lot of the world's greatest minds tend to agree that necessity is a wonderful source of creativity. When we need something, we look for ways to supply ourselves with it, and it can lead to some tremendous surprises. Consider the great surprise that Frank Bannigan had in the early 1960s as he set out to begin building feature-rich appliances at bargain prices.

Rather than coming up with the world's best slow cooker, he created the first power board. The story is quite simple - he needed a way to test the products he created, and yet he was without enough electrical points to do so. To set the stage for his experiments, he created an affordable, safe, and highly functional power board that remains the gold standard for most Australian households today.

His new company was named Kambrook, after the street on which Bannigan lived. His was another in a long line of stories that begin in someone's garage and end up in a corporate office. It was 1964 when he began experimenting with affordable and high quality appliances, and all of these years down the road, the name Kambrook is still associated with good pricing, innovative design, and usefulness.

Beyond a Power Board

After his invention of the first power board, it was just one great idea and innovation after another. From the first electric timers to the first plastic electric kettle, he began cranking out the home products that everyone needed but had no way of obtaining.

In fact, Bannigan's ingenuity was so impressive that an Australian TV show was based on his inventiveness. "It Took Kambrook to Think of It" was a tremendous hit, and introduced top talent to the world while also proving that ingenuity was a hallmark of the entire Bannigan (Kambrook) line.

Durability as the Base Line

Though Kambrook goods were a hit right from the start it would take some further proof for the market to recognize just how durable and remarkable the company's designs actually were. The turning point came when the company decided to test the quality of its home heaters by sending an array of them to Antarctica.

Up against the brutal conditions of the southernmost manned station in this inhospitable climate, the heaters showed their durability and their dependability. Keeping the twenty inhabitants comfortably warm throughout the intolerable cold of the Antarctic winter, the Kambrook brand demonstrated that it was among the most reliable around.

It also showed the lengths to which the company would go to be sure that their goods were not only functional but also safe, reliable, and capable of the kind of performance that a consumer requires. After all, the company had long held the notion that even a low cost good should be of the utmost quality, and they proved this to the case with their Antarctic testing.

This sort of rugged field testing is precisely where they stand today, and the company's engineers are happy to stand behind any of the home and kitchen goods designed and marketed through Kambrook.

Modern Kambrook Goods

What has the firm been working on since those earliest years of power boards, heaters, and kettles? The current lineup of products includes:

Kitchen goods - the range is comprehensive and includes equipment for making beverages, cooking gear, food prep systems, "little chefs", snack makers, and toaster ovens.

Home goods - just as diverse and innovative as the kitchen lineup, this range includes cooling equipment, electric blankets, floor care, hardware, heating equipment, irons, and personal care.

Within these broader categories are many different models and options. For example, the beverage making gear includes the different kettles but also blenders, coffee urns, juices, espresso makers, and more. Each category meets the needs of the consumer market and offers top of the line models at appealing price points.

Though it has been many decades since Kambrook came into existence, its commitment to quality and affordability has not wavered. Every product has a solid warranty backed up by some of the most demanding testing in the entire home goods industry. When you want products that will stand the tests of time as well as wear and tear, Kambrook is a name that you can certainly trust.


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