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Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., or JVC as most people call it, is a Japanese company that specializes in the creation and sale of both consumer and professional electronics. The company's headquarters are in Yokohama, Japan. While the company has done a number of impressive things over the years, one of the accomplishments for which most know them is that they were the company that introduced the first televisions to Japan. They were also the company that created Video Home System, better known simply as VHS.

The History of JVC

Founded in 1927, the name of the company was The Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan Limited. This was a subsidiary of a company in the United States called the Victor Talking Machine Company, which was a leader in the field of phonographs and records. Just two years later, the majority of the ownership of the company went to RCA-Victor. The 1930s saw the company make a number of phonographs and record players. They started to make radios in 1932 and in 1939, they were the company to make Japan's first locally made TV. During WWII, they did not keep any ties with their foreign partners.

In 1953, Panasonic Corporation became the company's majority owner. They actually owned the company up until 2007. Through the years, JVC made a number of products that were innovative and different from other items on the market. They created the Videosphere in 1970, which was a portable television that had an alarm clock at the base and was housed in a sphere. This design was actually very popular and fit in well with the 70s aesthetic sensibilities. They introduced a system for four-channel quadrophonic sound in vinyl, as well as a portable battery operated television and radio in 1975. They added a cassette recorder to the mix just a year later.

In the late 1970s, JVC created a product that would take the 80s and the 90s by storm and change the way that people viewed movies and television forever. They created the VHS format and made the first recorders for the market in 1976. Meanwhile, Sony created the Betamax format, and this was the beginning of the format war. We all know that VHS eventually came out on top. By 1984, it was actually clear that VHS would be the winner. At that time, 40 companies were using VHS while only twelve were using Betamax. By 1988, Sony was even making VHS recorders.

Over the years, the company started to make a wide variety of other products as well, some of which were more successful than the others were. They created a series of video recorders, a personal computer, and even a competitor to Sony's Walkman. This did not turn out to be as successful as they hoped in the United States, and they eventually stopped marketing it there. The consumer grade camcorders they made were more successful, and they even received an Emmy for outstanding achievement in technological advancement for it.

JVC continues to create and innovate in the world of electronics today. They have a variety of different products readily available that fall into a number of different categories. They offer security cameras, camcorders, televisions, projectors, recording media, headphones, and more. They continue to be one of the most trusted brands for electronics, and they certainly are one of the most well-known brands in the business today.

The Split Brand - JVC and Victor

While the company markets their products under the JVC name in the United States, they market the products under the Victor name in Japan. They have a variety of subsidiaries offering products in many areas around the world as well, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

People know the brand very well in the United States. It has been around for decades, and in that time, people have come to trust it for many of their electronic devices. The company offers many different types of products, and many people are very loyal to the brand, making most of their electronics JVC. The products are present in many stores, and even the logo has become well known in the years since they started selling.

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