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JCMatthew of New Zealand is a relatively new company in the electronics field that has just started to put out products onto the market. They have a small line of products available currently, but the company does seem to have some rather large goals. They are trying to create a range of dynamic ODM products, and they want to balance performance and aesthetics. If the products they already have available are any indication, then it seems as though they should be able succeed. They are working toward meeting and exceeding their customer's expectations when it comes to quality and style, and the brand is focusing on creating products and services that are able to provide for both the technical and lifestyle needs of their customers across the marketplace.

What Products Does JCMatthew Make Currently?

Right now, the company has just a handful of different products available on their site, but they are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing. They have an 8" High Definition Digital Photo Frame that is able to show off photos in 800x400 resolution. The frame supports .jpg photos, and it can take input from SD and SDHC cards. The frame also works as a clock and a calendar to provide even more functionality. Users are able to have the frame show just a single photo, or they can create a slideshow.

The company offers another version of the digital photo frame that offers a different look and even more functionality. The 7" High Definition Digital Photo Frame has a resolution of 800x400, and it also features a clock and a calendar. This one also offers an alarm, and it can even play back music and video. It will play WMA music, as well as MP3s, and it can also play the Mpeg video format. The input accepted for this digital photo frame includes memory cards and USB interfaces.

The Palm Media Player Mini LHG50 is the final product from JCMatthew currently. This is a small, white set top box that will let the users watch movies, see photos, and enjoy music on their television. It supports composite video and component video output, and is able to support video resolution up to 720P. It can support a number of different types of input devices including SD, USB, and portable hard drives. The product also comes with a remote control.

The company also has a number of other products that bear their brand, such as their HD Digital Television Recorder, but this does not seem to have been available for some time now. Some of the other products from the brand include a chain grip tripod, photo albums, lenses, and other photo accessories. However, while these are available for sale on a number of online retail sites, they are not available on the company's own site. In fact, they do not even have information about those products on their site, even though they bear the JCMatthew brand.

In addition to these products, JCMatthew is also offering offsite logistics.

Still Growing

JCMatthew really is still in the earliest stages of their development as a company and as a brand. For this reason the products and services they offer, while they may be a great option, do not have the recognition that larger brands have, at least yet. The company is still growing and still seems to be finding their footing when it comes to the products they are offering as well as for their marketing.

Their website has scant information about the products they offer, and even less about the business and their overall goals. The contact information on the website has only a physical address and no easy way of contacting the company through online means, which has been something of a frustration for many customers who have wanted to know more about how they can get firmware updates for the older HD television recorder.

The brand has a substantial amount of potential, given the type of products and the quality of the products they do offer. However, to become a real powerhouse of a brand and manufacturer, the company needs to embrace more of an online presence, given that what they have right now is simply not enough to satisfy may customers.

Resource: http://www.jcmatthew.co.nz/

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