Insinkerator ISE66

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Insinkerator: Model 66
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Everyone has heard of Insinkerator. It's the most famous name in the world of food waste disposal, and for good reason as this brand is associated with superior performance, quality components and materials, and the highest standard of manufacture. The ISE66 is the top model in the brand's standard range.

Easy to feed

The ISE66 features continuous feed, which means that food waste can be added to the disposal unit while it is running. Because you're not continually turning the unit on and off to feed it, this makes for easier and more efficient performance.

A hungry unit

Some waste disposal units struggle with certain types of food waste. However, with its Dura-Drive heavy duty induction motor, large 980ml grind chamber capacity, and stainless-steel grinding elements, the ISE66 is hungry for pretty much everything you put into it.

Powerfully quiet

Despite its powerful performance, the ISE66 is deceptively quiet. Insinkerator's Soundseal Plus feature makes the ISE66 quieter than standard models. Because of this, the ISE66 is a popular choice in homes featuring open plan kitchen and dining rooms. 

Insinkerator's Insanely Easy Installation

Quicklock sink mount makes for easy installation, yet another feature which sets Insinkerator apart from lesser known brands. The simplicity of the design also means less can go wrong in the installation process, and ensuing operation of the device.

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