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Founded in 1975, Indesit is today a leading maker of domestic appliances that include kitchen and laundry equipment. Based in Italy, it employs more than 16,000 and has production sites in Italy, Poland, Turkey, Russia and the UK.

The History of Indesit

Initially founded as a breakaway from Industrie Merloni in 1975, Indesit was originally called Merloni Elettrodomestici S.p.A. It changed its name officially to Indesit in 2005 after years of dominating the market. Unlike many other producers of domestic appliances in Italy during the 1980s, Indesit did not succumb to foreign pressures and instead emerged as the leading manufacturer in Italy, Russia, and the UK (a place it remains today).

The company went public in the later 1980s and was soon one of the largest of its kind in the industry. Since then it has consistently grown and taken over or merged with firms in the appliance world, but always with the emphasis on consumer electronics. As recently as 2012 the firm had remained as a larger appliance maker, but recently announced intentions to enter the small domestic appliance market too. It then went on to form agreements with Waterlogic for water purification gear and Whirlpool Corp. which invested heavily in the company in 2014.

The Indesit Products

Today, the company produces appliances with the brand names Indesit, Elco, Hotpoint- Ariston, Scholtes, Stinol, and Termogamma. Their complete list of offerings includes:

  • Cookers
  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Fridges
  • Hobs
  • Hoods
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens
  • Tumble dryers
  • Washer/dryers

    • Washing machines

    With their motto, “We work, you play," their appliances are feature heavy and come with a wide array of choices. They currently market:

    • 65 types of washing machines with features that include anti-stain options, anti-odor cycles, eco time, energy saving, multiple and special programs, sports programs, delayed timers, and "Innex" which is their exclusive daily laundry feature that streamlines everything by using a single "push and wash" button.
    • 20 types of washer/dryers with features that include the Innex technology, automatic sensors, energy saving, delayed time, anti-odour features, and many different capacities.
    • 23 types of tumble dryers that also include many of the same features as the washer dryers but with more advanced humidity sensors, "Thermo air" technology, shoe racks, memory functions and an ironing alternative.
    • 19 types of dishwashers that feature extra cycles, delayed timers and range from freestanding and integrated to table top.
    • 58 types of refrigerators that include their eco functions, drink dispensing, integrated models, freestanding units, combination models, and under/over counter designs.
    • 12 types of freezers with their unique Super Freeze function and options for integrated or freestanding models.
    • 49 cookers that include gas, electric, ceramic or induction, easy cleaning, 50 or 60cm widths, multiple cooking functions, and ignition options.
    • 39 ovens that range from gas and electric to multiple cooking functions, triple glazed doors, pizza function, and even a range of different aesthetic looks, too.
    • 31 hobs that include gas, ceramic, induction or electric, a wok burner, four or five burners, and a range of colours.
    • 8 different hoods that include slider or push button controls, integrated/chimney/visor models, a range of widths and different extraction rates.
    • 3 microwaves that have a range of capacities and designs.

    In addition to the features already mentioned, most of the Indesit appliances have been designed with efficiency in mind. Buyers have the option of A through A+++ on some appliances, and almost all come in a variety of colours or aesthetic choices, too.

    Known for Innovation

    Indesit has survived and taken such a strong place in the industry simply because it has always viewed innovation as a priority. Noted for "avant garde" solutions aimed at providing consumers with value while also ensuring sustainable growth in the firm, they state that they want to guarantee buyers "more and better time for themselves.” The company is also persistent in emphasizing ergonomic design and efficiency.

    Purchasing a domestic appliance from Indesit is an investment in quality and in-depth design and analysis on the part of the manufacturer. Not only will you get an attractive unit with the features you desire, but one that is good for the environment, and built to last.

    Source Innovation.

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