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Anyone who has ever lost data always wonders why they didn't invest in a secure solution long before any unfortunate events occurred. In this current era of cloud storage, many computer users are still turning to "hard" solutions, and from the very beginning of it all, the Imation line of products has offered innovative and comprehensive solutions.

The Story of Imation

Though it took on its current form today, Imation's origins date back to the 1950s when IBM engineers contacted scientists at 3M to find a reliable way of disconnecting data from computers. Seeking an effective means of migrating data to some other, reliable format, they soon created magnetic tape media allowing for information of all kinds to be copied, stored, and transported without worry.

From those earliest days of data storage Imation emerged, and is today one of the driving forces behind storage software, data management and protection, and storage networking. In the 1980s, they were the pioneers of tape cartridges that were the most preferred media for data centres and businesses of all kinds. In fact, this sort of storage has proven itself to be so dependable that Imation has not veered away from this area and is today the industry's leader in magnetic tape.

As the firm says, "The only constant of the computer age has been data growth,” and to ensure that all of it is as manageable as possible, the firm has evolved along with the media options available to handle data growth. They have created and marketed hard drives, flash drives, optical discs, SSD and tape. However, along with these changes in media have come even broader changes that involve infrastructure.

For instance, data tiering and archiving, the whole issue of virtualization, cloud issues, SaaS, and data security among other data areas all prove that information storage and security are persistent needs, and rapidly evolving technologies.

In 1996, Imation became its own entity, breaking away from 3M, and standing as the top name in emerging corporate IT and commercial data center markets. During this time they created the fastest data tape cartridges as well as the first recordable CD and DVD products. They were demonstrating an easy ability to provide answers for data centres, small businesses, and even personal computers.

At the turn of the century, they demonstrated even greater innovation with USB flash drives, including Nano and Micro drives and creating Blu-ray HD recordable optical materials. They were the first to innovate an 8GB flash drive into its most compact size ever, and then became the first to design a single tape cartridge with multiple terabyte capability.

During this period, they began to also acquire top names in data management in order to enhance their own technology. Such well known names as Memorex, TDK, and Memcorp came under the Imation heading.

Today, the firm has a strong focus on scalable data storage and security, encryption, portable storage and work spaces. Their brand lineup includes Ironkey, Memorex, Nexsan, and TDK as well as their own Imation Consumer brand.

The Imation Products

Describing themselves as offering technology solution, they also break their product offerings into three cores - their traditional storage solutions, their secure and scalable storage solutions and their a/v information products. These also range from professional level products to consumer solutions.

Their consumer emphasis is for computers as well as Smartphones and tablets. They offer:

  • Storage for Computers - Blank media, flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives and external solid-state drives
  • Smartphone and Tablet - The solutions here include LINK products, flash drives and memory cards

Their blank media is extensive and includes CD-R, CD-RW, Printable CD-R, DVD R, DVD RW, Printable DVD R, Blu-ray, and cases. Their flash drives include their 2.0 Classic, 2.0 Swivel, 3.0 Secure and Hardware Encrypted, 3.0 Classic and 3.0 Pocket Pro. The external hard drives include their Apollo M110 and Apollo Expert M500, while the solid-state drives are limited to one model - the USB 3.0.

Their LINK mobile storage solutions for Smartphone and tablets include their LINK Power Drive and LINK Mobile Express. The flash drives for tablets and phones include their 2-in-1 Micro USB 2.0 for Android, 2-in-1 Mini USB 2.0 for Android, 2-in-1 Mini Express USB 3.0 for Android, LINK Power Drive for iPhone and the LINK Mobile express.

Looking beyond the current market demands, Imation is a trusted name in consumer and industry data management, storage, and protection.

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