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When it comes to disposable diapers, two brand names probably enter the mind of most people - Pamper and Huggies. People tend to have one brand that they prefer over the other, even though these two rivals do make very similar products in terms of style and quality. The Huggies brand name has been around for decades, and they first came onto the scene in 1968, but they were only test marketed at this time. The company behind the products, Kimberly-Clark, did not see the brand doing well at that time, so they continued to produce their Kimbies brand of diapers. The brand that people know, love, and rely on today did not actually hit the market to replace those Kimbies for another ten years.

The company's diapers proved to be quite popular, and they soon rose to be one of the top brands available for parents looking for quality disposable diapers. Some of the main competitors to Huggies through the years have included Pampers and Luvs.

Huggies is the foundation of the baby care division for Kimberly-Clark, and the brand is doing remarkably well today. In fact, the brand accounts for more than $6 billion in sales annually. Naturally, they are one of their parent company's most important assets.

What Is Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American company that specializes in personal care products, and makes a number of paper-based products. They have a number of popular and well-known brands under their umbrella in addition to Huggies, including Kleenex, Scott, and Kotex. The Irving, Texas company has more than 56,000 employees and they are a Fortune 500 company. The company was founded all the way back in 1872 by a group of people - John A. Kimberly, Havilah Babcock, Charles B. Clark, and Franklyn C. Shattuck. The company started out operating paper mills, but as the years wore on, they started to get into the personal care business and began acquiring other companies such as Kleenex and Scott Paper.

Some of the other popular product lines from the company today include Depend, Cottonelle, and Viva. The company also offers other product lines around the world. For example, in Mexico, popular lines include KleenBebe, which is a diaper brand that is very similar to what Huggies offers in the United States. KimWipes are popular in labs around the world, and DryNites are popular in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

What Does the Company Make Today?

The Huggies brand features a range of different types of diapers today. Within their diaper line, they offer Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers, Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, Huggies Little Movers Diapers, Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers, Huggies Overnites, Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Huggies Snug & Dry Plus Diapers, and Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Pants.

In addition to the diapers, they also offer a range of other products, such as wipes and training pants. They have a number of wipe styles available including Huggies Wipes with Triple Clean Layers, Huggies Natural Care Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes, Huggies One and Done Refreshing, Huggies One and Done, Huggies Simply Clean, and Huggies Soft Skin. The products in the training pants line include Pull Ups Learning Designs, Pull Ups Night Time, and Pull Ups Big Kids Flushable Wipes.

Why Is the Brand Popular?

As with so many brands that are at the top of their field, the reason they are so popular stems from more than just a single factor. The products have been a part of the country for decades, and they have that instant recognition. Many who use them for their children now do so based on their own parent's recommendations. The fact that the products from Huggies are also high quality and healthy for children is yet another reason that they are popular today. They have a variety of products that will work with infants all the way through the potty training stage as well. People tend to choose a brand to use when the babies first come home, and they stick with that brand through the child's early development.

Huggies remains one of the most popular brands in the country today, and this does not seem as though it will change anytime soon. The quality of the product and the marketing muscle of Kimberly-Clark help to make sure of this.


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