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The Hoover Company, or Hoover as many commonly call it, is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world when it comes to floor care and vacuums. The company started in North Canton, Ohio, but they soon had an office in the United Kingdom as well. The company made, and still makes, high quality floor cleaners. They are one of the biggest names in the vacuum business today, and nearly everyone recognizes the name and the logo, which goes to show how successful their branding has been down through the years.

Hoover"s Beginnings

The world"s first upright vacuum is more than a hundred years old. James Murray Spangler, a janitor and part time inventor in Ohio created it in 1908. As with many inventions, this was born of necessity. He was an asthma sufferer and thought that the carpet sweeper he was using was making it worse. So he created a suction sweeper so he did not have to worry about dust and particles kicking up into the air quite as much. He created a prototype and it worked well. After applying for a patent, he and his son and daughter started to assemble Electric Suction Sweepers to sell. Since there were so few working on the project, they were only able to make a couple of these each week.

Spangler gave his cousin, Susan Hoover, one of the machines. She was impressed and told her husband about it. Her husband, William Henry Hoover, saw the potential in the machine, and his own business was not doing well. He was in the leather goods industry, and motor cars were stripping away his business. However, he thought the sweepers could be a good new venture. He bought the patent from Spangler, and kept him on as a superintendent and gave him royalties.

The Branding and Marketing of Hoover Over the Years

While it might have had potential, selling it was difficult in the beginning. The devices were expensive, and many were simply not willing to take a risk on them. One of the things Hoover did to entice people was to offer them ten free days of usage of the device risk free. This tactic eventually led to the company making far more sales. In 1908, they made 372 sales, and by 1912, they were selling to countries all around the world.

The business eventually started to do quite well, and they were making more sales. They started to develop new options and new models as well, always innovating and trying to improve as much as they could on the other iterations of their device. This sense of innovation has stuck with the company over the years, and that"s one of the reasons they are still around and still doing so well today.

Over the years, the company has gone through quite a few ad campaigns and slogans in an effort to improve their brand"s reach and recognition. Some of their most notable slogans include gems such as "A Hoovered home is as clean as it looks" from 1918, "It shows you dirt you never knew you had" in 1932, "You"ll be happier with Hoover" from 1948, "Hoover gets it" from 2004, and the current "I love my hoover". While the slogans are certainly not what make people eventually buy a Hoover vacuum, the marketing really is a huge part of the success of any brand, and Hoover has generally done a very good job.

One of the biggest innovations to come out in the past few decades has been the bagless vacuum. People love this because it makes it faster and easier to vacuum without having to change out bags and without the need to buy additional bags. Of course, they still offer a number of bagged options, and they even sell the bags, naturally.

How Is Hoover Doing Today

The company makes a wealth of different types of products today. They have upright vacuums, canister vacuums, handhelds, carpet washers, hard floor cleaners, and much more, including accessories such as bags, belts, and filters. They"ve become one of the best known and most trusted brands in the field today. People know the brand, and they trust the brand.

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