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Technology changes, and often it changes quite rapidly. We need only look at the evolution of computers to see just how fast any manufacturer had to work in order to keep pace with innovations and the subsequent market demands.

The Hauppauge brand is a good illustration of how a company based on innovation and technology should transition over time. What started out strictly as a motherboard manufacturing firm has since become a leader in the creation of hardware for video in personal computers, TVs, and other digital video equipment.

The History of Hauppauge

The company began in the late 1980s when Kenneth Aupperle and Kenneth Plotkin started making motherboards for what are now seen as primitive Intel 486 processors. At the time, this was the highest of high tech work and the company took things even farther by creating server and workstation modules.

They innovated farther and developed their own proprietary hardware - the Hauppauge 4860. This was capable of functionality in a number of devices and it gave the company a solid reputation.

This foundation of multiple functions allowed the firm to create what many feel is its hallmark product - the TV tuner for the PC. Today, this is the very foundation of the Hauppauge product lineup, and the company is considered the leading name in this segment of the PC industry.

The Product Line Up

If you take a look at the products available from Hauppauge it becomes clear that they have focused on that select technology in order to perfect it and stand apart from any others. They currently offer:

USB TV Tuners - Capable of receiving digital TV signals and broadcasting to the computer

High Definition Video Recorders - With resolution up to 1080p, these are cutting edge devices for real time video captures on any PC.

WinTV - This premier product from Hauppauge gives owners the ability to watch TV live through any iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac.

TV applications for PC or Mac

Digital CableCARD tuners - These operated as receivers for a Windows Media Center PC and enable the owner to watch TV through their computer.

European Digital TV Receivers - Those with a favorite European satellite channel can use this hardware to tune in.

Digital Media adapters - Plugged into any HD TV, these adapters allow the viewer to enjoy all of their computer media on their TV set.

Analog products - Whether you want to capture analog on a PC or watch analog cable, this gear makes it possible.

Many consumers see the word analog and feel that such equipment may be outdated. However, it is important to note that not all countries have shifted away from analog broadcasts. This makes the WinTV product a major boon to those with the option to capture both analog and digital signals to view on their PC.

Additionally, it cannot be overlooked that the hardware and software designed by Hauppauge also allows easier videoconferences, creation of still video images, and the capturing of digital TV broadcasts on personal recording devices.

Hauppauge Around the World

Evidence that this technology is still incredibly relevant can be seen in the broad and expansive coverage that the Hauppauge company maintains around the world. They currently have their headquarters in New York, but maintain facilities in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Australia, Japan, Italy, Sweden, the UK, and Singapore.

The company makes its products available only through official distribution partners. Some of the leading names in computer tech provide buyers with access to Hauppauge products, including BestBuy, NewEgg, J&R, Comp USA, CDW, WalMart, Amazon.com, Buy.com, Dell, Tiger Direct, and Circuit City among a few others.

Innovative and creative, Happauge is a brand to keep an eye on if you enjoy watching your favorite TV programs on your PC. The firm recently released the latest in its digital TV over the air reception devices, and this one includes an FM radio receiver. Designed for end users and system builders, their gear allows buyers to get the very most out of their systems. This is how the company started, where it has kept its focus, and why it remains a leading provider of such quality tech.

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