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Hair Straighteners Buying Guide

A straightener is an important device if you strive to have killer hair without having to pay big bucks at a salon every time. 

Hot To Trot

Pay a little more for a model that heats up quickly so you can start sooner. Also, the device will reheat faster after you've straightened each section.

Consider The Plate Size

Wider plates may make for a quicker straightening process, but they can also make the straightener too heavy to comfortably handle. Pick up each straightener you're keen on to check it's light enough to use with ease.

Adjustable Heat

A straightener with adjustable heat settings is ideal if you have fine or damaged hair that needs to be straightened at a lower heat.

Location, Location

The location of the controls on a straightener is important. While you're picking up straighteners to check how comfortable they feel in your hand, you should also check where the controls are in relation to your fingers. Many people report accidentally turning off their straighteners because the controls are poorly situated!

Coating Counts

A high-quality coating on the plates can make for a smoother, easier process with better results. Cheaper straighteners might be cheap because the plates are coated with an inferior material.

Save Money By Paying A Little More

It really pays to invest in the best hair straightener you can afford. The straightening process will be easier, and the results so much better. You'll need to visit the salon less often as a result, which will end up saving you a lot of money.

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