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HTC, previously known as High Tech Computer Corporation is an electronics company located in New Taipei City in Taiwan. They manufacture a variety of goods in the realm of tablets and smartphones. Founded in 1997, they are a relative newcomer to the field of electronics.

The Origins of HTC

The company started as a designer and manufacturer that worked on PDAs, mobile phones, and touch screen phones, notebook computers, and similar devices. In the early years, they did quite a bit of work as a contract manufacturer making custom products. Most of the smartphones they were making through the 2000s were on the Windows Mobile platform, but they started to change their focus by 2009. They began working with the Android OS, as well as working on Windows Phone. They are now offering their smartphones under their own HTC brand.

The company has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They were the maker of one of the first touch screen smartphones in 2000, and they created the first Android smartphone. The first Android phone was the HTC Dream that came from T-Mobile. T-Mobile actually marketed the phone under the name T-Mobile G-1 or the Era G-1. In 2010, they did another first. They created and sold the HTC Evo 4G. This was the first phone in the United States capable of achieving 4G speeds.

The company is one of the largest smartphone makers in the world, often competing with the other top brands in the field including Apple and Samsung. They received accolades from the Mobile World Congress in 2011 as being the Device Manufacturer of the Year.

They've continued to find ways to grow and to stay on top of the business, and part of that comes from acquiring other companies that have products and skills that are helpful to them. For example, they became the majority owner of S3 Graphics in 2011. Also in 2011, they bought Dashwire, and they became partners with Beats Electronics. They eventually sold their stake in Beats though, and the sale brought them a profit of about $85 million before taxes.

They have been facing stiff competition in recent years from some of their main rivals, namely Apple and Samsung. To combat this, they started a brand new marketing campaign in late 2013. The name of their campaign, there's to change, was a worldwide push to get more people to switch to their phones. The campaign features Robert Downey, Jr., who signed on to work on the campaign for two years.

Release of New Phones in 2013

One of the other things they did as a means to try to compete with Apple and Samsung, who were giving them a run for their money, was to release several models of phone in 2013. After the release of the HTC One, which came out later than they had wanted, they released two other models. They released the HTC One Mini in August of 2013, and they HTC One Max in October of 2013. Just a few months later in March of 2014, they launched the newest version of the HTC One. A big difference was that when they held their press conference about the launch, they actually had their phone available to purchase the same day through their website and carrier websites. Many companies will launch their phones with a conference, but the phone might not actually be out until sometime after the launch.

Who Runs the Business?

The founders of the company are actually the ones who are running the business still. Chairwoman Cher Wang has business in her blood. Her father was Wang Yung-Ching, who was a huge part of the petrochemical industry in Taiwan. Peter Chou is the President and CEO, and HT Cho is the Director of the Board and the Chairman of the HTC Foundation.

Under their guidance, the company continues to grow. Another factor that helped HTC to grow so quickly is their relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft wanted HTC to develop the hardware for their mobile operating system. Their dedication to innovation, and the business sense of the people behind the company are helping it to remain one of the top brands on the market when it comes to smartphones.


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