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Google established a name for itself as the most used and one of the most respected search engines in the world. Today, the term Google is synonymous with searching for something on the Internet. They are one of the most recognized and powerful brands in the world today, even though they are a relatively new company. They incorporated in 1998, and they started to grow quickly, in part due to their search engine and in part due to their acquisition of other companies. This push into other companies and other territories has allowed the company to start working in a variety of fields.

Today, Google has a number of products that have only a tangential relation to their search engine.


Google Nexus is a line of devices for consumers that run on the Android OS. Google handles quite a bit when it comes to designing and developing these devices. They also take care of the support and the marketing of the devices. The manufacturing and some of the development of the devices come from the OEMs, original equipment manufacturers, they use. Some of the OEMs they抳e worked with include LG for the Nexus 5, Asus for the Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung for the Nexus 10 tablet.

The Nexus line consists of a number of mobile devices. They have five smartphones in the line thus far, with the latest being the Google Nexus 5. The first phone in the line, Nexus 1, hit the market in 2010. The other phones in their series include the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and the aforementioned new Nexus 5.

The company also has a line of tablets to compete with the iPad and similar devices. The Nexus 7 was actually the first tablet they produced. They made two generations of this tablet before moving on to the Nexus 10.

They also made another device, called the Nexus Q. This was a digital media player, but they ended up shelving the project when it did not garner enough attention and support from consumers.

Chrome and Chromebooks

Chrome is a web browser from Google. The browser had a good reception, and many people have already moved from Internet Explorer over to Chrome, which is a faster and more stable system for the most part. The browser proved to be popular enough that Google decided to put out specialized Chromebooks, which were personal computers that were running the Chrome operating system. These devices were specifically to be used while connected to the web, with the majority of data put into the computer in the cloud rather than residing on the hard drive.

Since the inception of these devices, Google worked with a number of OEMs, including Acer, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo. Google even entered the field and started to make the device. While the notebook versions are the most well known, they also made a desktop version called the Chromebox.

One of the benefits and draws of these computers was the price. They tended to be cheaper than many of the other actual laptops on the market. Schools in particular gravitated toward these devices.

Google Productivity

Google has been very big on the cloud, and they are offering web users a number of different services and options that make use of the cloud. One of the most well-known of these is Gmail, their free email service, which allows users to combine their other emails into a single source. They also offer a productivity suite with Google Docs, which allows people to create, edit, and work on documents together. They抳e also added spreadsheets, apps, and other products.

Google Glass

This device from Google is actually a wearable computer that features a head mounted display. Wearers are able to contact and interact with the web using voice commands. To make more frame options available for the device, Google is working with Luxottica. They own Oakley, Ray-Ban, and a number of other brands.

Google is one of the most successful brands in the world today, and nearly everyone knows who they are and what they do, at least in terms of the search engines. The brand is large enough that most also know of Google Glass, Chrome, and the other products they are making.


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