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Goldair is a manufacturing company based in New Zealand. It's been around for more than three decades now, and they are one of the top brands, and one of the most trusted brands in NZ. The company provides many different types of products for the home, and they pride themselves on being a company that consistently delivers reliable, quality merchandise to their customers. Thus, customer loyalty to the brand is very strong across the country.

A Wide Range of Products Available

Goldair makes nearly every type of appliance that someone could possibly need, and this helps to give the company a nice market share when it comes to home appliances. They offer products in a number of categories.

When it comes to heating and cooling, they offer ceramic heaters, electric blankets, dehumidifiers, bathroom heaters, heated towel rails, fan heaters, as well as desk, wall, and floor fans.

Goldair also offers a range of different indoor living appliances, including toasters, mixers, food prep devices, rice cookers, slow cookers, and much more. Goldair makes grooming products, as well, including hair straighteners and several different hairdryers. They even have products available for outdoor living including barbeques, accessories, outdoor heaters, disposable grills, and even a 3-way chest fridge that many New Zealanders take camping with them.

The company has products for nearly every possible need one might have inside and outside the home, and this has helped their brand to break into a number of different segments in the market. Things continue to look up for them today.

Who Is CDB?

Currently, CDB is the owner of Goldair. CDB is the largest company in New Zealand for importing, distributing, and marketing appliances, electrical accessories, heating and lighting. The company formed in 2000, and they are currently distributing more than 1,400 products to the top appliance retailers, wholesale chains, hardware stores, and other outlets all across New Zealand.

The company tends to focus on brands that provide highly efficient products for their customers. They ensure that all of the products that come through the brands they sell are high quality, as well. The company currently owns a number of different brands, including Celsius, Orbit Lighting, ELTC, Soda Stream, Megaman Energy Saving Lamp, Swann, Stadler Form, and Yonanas.

CDB has been able to help ensure the stability of these companies and of Goldair, and a big part of the power behind the company comes from their marketing push. They are able to take these brands to the next level to help them become even more successful.

The Brand's Staying Power

Goldair has been in existence for more than thirty years, and in that time, they've done quite a bit to build their reputation and to gain a large number of customers. They've gone through a variety of owners, including the current owner CDB, and through it all, they seem to have kept the focus on their customers and the quality of the products they are creating and selling.

Having efficient products that are durable and long lasting is important to Goldair, and they know it is important to their customers, as well. However, they also know that they need to keep the prices at an affordable level, and that's another one of the company's hallmarks. They have a team working on their products that ensure they meet or exceed the safety standards put forth in New Zealand.

They have internal and external testing for their products to make sure they work properly and reliably, and to ensure they are safe enough to use for the end consumer. The company has a testing facility along the North Shore in Auckland. They also use independent labs to verify the safety of the products. This helps to give them a good record when it comes to the safety and durability of the items they sell. Goldair also makes sure to keep budget-minded customers in mind, and they tend to have affordable products available.

Over the years, Goldair has been growing as a brand, and they continue to get stronger. Generations of buyers have been using and trusting products from this company for decades now. They continue to be a success, thanks to their products, as well as the support and guidance from CDB.


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