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GoPro, Inc is an American company that is in the business of creating and manufacturing high quality, high definition cameras. One of the things that sets this company apart from other camera makers is the type of videos that their customers tend to make with the videos, and that"s all a part of their branding and philosophy. People tend to use the GoPro cameras for action videos and photography, such as surfing, diving, skiing, and skydiving. The cameras can be used for other purposes, but they excel at extreme sports and are marketed to their enthusiasts. They are lightweight, easy to wear and mount and they are very rugged.

What Is GoPro?

The San Mateo, California company is the creation of Nick Woodman. He said that the reason he stated the company was because he was on a trip to Australia in 2002 to surf and he was unable to get the quality of photos and videos that he wanted from the trip. It was hard to get the action shots that he needed, and the equipment that was able to get was far too expensive for amateur photographers and filmmakers.

When he first started to get funding for the company, he did so in a very small way - selling handmade goods out of his van. The idea behind the project was too good though, and he soon found actual funding to get the project off the ground and eventually onto the market.

They sold their first 35mm camera version in 2004, but they quickly made the move to digital, which was where the entire photographic world was going at the time. The first digital version of the camera was able to record in 10-second clips, and the quality at the time was only 3 megapixels. Times have changed. Today, they have HD cameras with large recording angles, and it is even possible to use two cameras to create 3D video.

The Growth of the Company

GoPro took off relatively quickly, and they"ve made great strides in the quality of their products, not to mention the strengthening of their brand. They purchased CineForm, and started to use the 444 Codec in their cameras, which made the editing process faster.

The company has done a lot to spread their cameras to the extreme sports community, and many professional and amateur athletes alike are using them regularly and posting incredible videos to the web on their own sites and onto YouTube. This is helping to spread word about the brand, and now even those who aren"t into extreme sports are starting to notice and even buy and use the cameras. People are using them for family vacations, as they are simple to wear and can easily record quality footage.

The brand is starting to take on a marketing life of its own with the quality of the images and the videos actually doing much of the marketing. Videos of divers and surfers having up close encounters with sharks, for example, are on the web occasionally, and most of the articles will state that the diver was using a GoPro camera. This is free advertising for the brand.

Products from GoPro

The company offers a wide range of cameras, including their HD Hero cameras. They have the Hero3+, HERO3, HD HERO2, and the original HD HERO. They also have the HD HERO 960, which was able to shoot 960p video. While there is no concrete information on the newest cameras that will be coming down the line from GoPro, rumors swirl that they could be offering a camera that can record in 4K, at 1080p, and at 120 frames per second for amazing quality. Another rumor is that the camera will shoot at 720p, but it will record 240 frames per second for lifelike videos. Only time will tell what they will offer and what types of other new products they will offer. Already, they have housing, mounts, and more in terms of accessories.

Currently, GoPro is at the top of the game when it comes to these types of cameras, and they are building a powerful brand around them. However, they certainly do have some competition from other brands with even bigger names. Garmin and Sony are both entering the field.


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