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Founded in Japan in 1983, the Global brand of high quality cutlery has earned great praise from chefs around the world. Appearing on some of the most upscale food-oriented retail sites, it was founded by Yuzo Watanabe in 1983, and marketed the first set of Global brand knives in 1985. The brand is marketed and sold in more than 65 countries, and has roughly 100 employees.

Crafted from only the finest materials (18 stainless steel that has been ice tempered and hardened to the Rockwell scale of C56-58), they are also built on Samurai sword design. Weighted for balance and "hand", they uses seamless construction and contours that have a wonderful fit in the palm. They are sanitary and hygienic because of this design, and will find a good home in professional as well as household kitchens.

Because they were initially created with such high quality principles, they have also consistently won awards over the years. These include International Design Year Book selection, Sharpest Knife by A LA CARTE Magazine, and the GS-29 Design PLUS Award among many others.

The Global Lines

Though the knives were originally designed with perfection in mind, they have evolved over the years to accommodate consumer and industry needs and demands. The current lines are available through fine retailers and distributors:

  • G Series - Designed as the basic model or multi-user design, this affordable line will provide professionals and new chefs and cooks with all of the styles they need. There are 43 different options that range from slicing knives and cook's knives to carving, Oriental cook, vegetable, bread, roast slicer, meat chopper, ham/salmon, sashimi, carving fork, fillet, Swedish fillet, Santoku, Chinese chopping knife, and long slicer knives
  • GS Series - Designated as a supplementary, smaller range for the G Series, there are 27 different styles available, including kitchen, slicing, cook's, Oriental, vegetable, paring, peeling, tomato, cheese, utility, fish, poultry, Santoku, and bagel knives. They feature an elegant triangular patterned handle to help make their smaller sizes more efficient
  • GF Series - This is the heavier duty variant of the G Series. Blades in this group are drop forged and are considered to be of professional quality. There are 11 styles and they include carving fork, butcher, boning, chef's, and vegetable knives
  • GSF Series - Another supplementary line to both the G and the GF series. These are the smallest sized knives and cover a range of 13 styles that include peeling, crab and lobster, utility, steak, universal, cheese, and large handle peeling knives
  • Knife Storage - One of the most significant factors influencing the life of any kitchen knife is the way that the blades are stored. To ensure that any Global knives get the best treatment and keep the kitchen safe and sanitary, they offer a range of specialized knife storage racks. Some are remarkably decorative as well as functional, and the current range features their T:Line, Z:Line, BlackDots Series, Plain Series, Ship Shape Series, Tray series (some include knives), and their wall magnets that range from 12 to 32" in length.
  • Chef's Cases - For professional storage and portability they offer several high quality chef's cases that range from a full-sized and zippered model to traditional rolled models with straps
  • Accessories - In addition to their diverse range of high quality and craftsman knives, Global proudly crafts other kitchen tools using the same durable stainless steel, the same balanced hand, and the same high quality design. The current range includes spatulas, palette knives, turners, steels, fish bone tweezers, utility tongs, salad serving tools, lobster forks, steak knives, steak forks, teaspoons, tablespoons, dessert and soup spoons.

Long known for quality, the Global brand is one that looks to ancient times to create some of the most long lasting knives and kitchen tools on the market. With their options from expert to novice pieces, and the many different supplementary series, it is easy to slowly build a truly exquisite kitchen. Whether your goal is to learn how to use such knives to a professional chef's skill or simply enjoy the kind of safety and results that only the best knives and tools can provide, you can trust the Global name to deliver.

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